Essentials of Hinduism – Brahman

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What makes this creation ? God. What do I mean by the use of the English word, God ? Certainly not the word as ordinarily used in English ; a good deal of difference-There is no other suitable word in English. 1 would rather confine myself to the Sanskrit word, Brahman- He is ¦ the general cause of all these manifestations. What is this Brahman ? He is eternal, eternally pure, eternally awake, the almighty, the all-knowing, the all-merciful, the omnipresent, the formless, the partless. He creates this universe. If He is always creating and holding up this universe, two difficulties arise. We see that there is partiality in the universe. One person is born happy, and another unhappy ; one is rich
and another is poor ; this shows partiality* Then, there is cruelty also, for here the very condition of life is death. One animal tears another to pieces, and every man tries to get the better of his own brother. This competition, cruelty, horror, and sighs rending hearts day and night, is the state of things in this world of ours. If this be the creation of a God, that God is worse than cruel, worse than any devil that man ever imagined. Ay 1 says the Vedanta,
it is not the fault of God that this partiality exists, that this competition exists. Who makes it ? We ourselves. There is a cloud shedding its rain on all fields alike. But it is only the field that is well-cultivated, which gets the advantage of the shower ; another field, which has not been tilled or taken care of, cannot get that advantage. It is not the fault of the cloud. ”The mercy of God is eternal and unchangeable; it is we that make the differentiation! But how can this difference of some being born happy and some unhappy be explained ? They do nothing to make that difference !

Not in this life, but they did in their last birth, and the difference is explained by this action in the previous life.

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