Essentials of Hinduism – Other Scriptures

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Other Scriptures

Then there are the Pur&nas. “Puranam Panchalakshanam” which means, the Puranas are of five characteristics, – that whifih treats of history, of cosmology, with various symbological illustration of philosophical principles and so forth. These were written to popularise the religion of the Vedas. The language in which the Vedas are written is very ancient, and even among scholars very few can trace the date of these books. The Puranas were written in the language of the people of that time, what we call modern Sanskrit. They were then meant, not for scholars but for the ordinary people ; and ordinary people cannot understand philosophy. Such things were given unto them in concrete form, by means of the lives of saints and kings and great men, and historical events that happened to the race etc. The sages made use of these things, to illustrate the eternal principles of religion.

There are still other books, the Tantras. These are very much like Puranas in some respects, and in some of them there is an attempt to revive the old sacrificial ideas of the Karma Kanda,

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