Swami Vivekananda Timeline 1892

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Junagad: Arrived by walk.( Host: Haridas Desai, Junagad)

Bhooj: Arrived by train.

Letter: Betty Sturges to Frank Leggett


End of April:

Nadiad: Arrived by train in the end of April

Mahabaleswar: Arrived by train in the end of April


May 4: Arrived in Puna by Train.

May 4 – 25: Puna.( Host: Thakore Saheb Behemiachand of Limbdi, Puna)

End of May: Arrived in Mahabaleswar by train


Mahabaleswar: End of May to end of June

Khandwa and Indore: Arrived by train. Stayed for 4 weeks in June – July at Khandwa and Indore


Bombay: Arrived in Bombay in the end of July (Host: Seth Ramdas Chabildas, Bombay)


At Bombay Host: Seth Ramdas Chabildas


End of Sep – Oct 4 : Puna: Arrived in Puna by train (Host: Bal Gangadhar Tilak)


till Oct 4: Host: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Oct 5 – 11: Kohlapur: Arrived by train

Oct 12 – 27/28: Belgaum: Arrived by train. (Host: Haripada Mitra)

Oct 18-19: Reminiscences of Haripada Mitra on Swami Vivekananda

Oct 25: Reminiscences of G.S. Bhate on Swami Vivekananda

Oct 27: Initiated Haripada Mitra and his wife

End of Oct: Took the mail train for Marmagaon.

Margaon: Arrived in Margaon by train


Early Nov: Margaon

Bangalore: Arrived by train in early Nov

3 weeks Nov – Dec: Mysore city: Arrived in Mysore City by train and stayed here for three weeks.


Early Dec : Mysore city: Stayed in Mysore city for 3 weeks (Nov-Dec)

Met Alasinga Perumal at Madras

Dec 13 – 22: Trivandrum: Arrived by train/bullock.

Went to K Sundarama Iyer’s home as Iyer’s guest and went to the Tirvandrum club that evening.

The following day he visited Prince Martanda Varma.

On around the fourth day of his stay in Trivandrum, he met with Manmatha Nath Bhattacharya and dined with him during the next few days.

Around the 5th day of his visit to Trivandrum, he met with Mr. S. Rama Rao, the then Director of Vernacular Instruction in Travancore and went to his house to accept Bhiksha.

Posed for a photograph for Prince Martanda Varma of Travancore

Reminiscences of K. Sundarama Iyer

Reminiscences of K.S. Ramaswami Sastri

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