Swami Vivekananda Timeline 1883-1890

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1884 Jan – Father had heart attack

1884 Jan 30 – B.A. examination results announced; Narendranath passed in the second division.

1884 Feb 19 – Became a Free Mason joining the Anchor and Hope Lodge, No. 234

1884 Feb 25 – Father died

1884 Apr 5 – Passed a Free Mason test

1884 May 20 – Raised to “the sublime degree of Master Mason”

1885 Dec 11 – Ramakrishna moved to Cossipore Garden House

1886 early Apr – Buddha Gaya with Tarak (future Shivananda) and Kali (future Abhedananda) Buddha Gaya

1886 Aug 16 – Sri Ramakrishna passes away Calcutta

1886 Dec 24 – Informal vow of of Sannyasa

Stayed with Baburam’s family and other brother disciples there Antpore

1887 – Early Spring – Travelled by train to a relative’s house (Deoghar)

Travelled by train/cart to a relative’s house(Shimultala)

1887 / 1888 – End of 1887 / Early 1888 – Reached Varnasi by train and stayed in Pramadadas’ house

Went to Ayodhya, Lucknow and Agra by train and lived on Bhiksha

1888 Aug – Reached Ayodhya by train

Arrived in Vrindaban by train and stayed at Balaram Bose’s place

1888 Sep – Arrived in Hatras by train. Met Sharat Gupta (future Sadananda) often called his first disciple.

1888 Oct – Lived in a hut on Ganges(Hrishikesh)

Stayed with Sharat Gupta (Hatras)

Went to Grandmother’s home (Calcutta)

Recovering illness

1889 Feb – Antpore: Reached by walk. Baburam’s family

Kamarpukur: Reached by walk. Visited Ramakrishna’s birthplace and relatives

Jayrambati: Reached by walk(?). Visited Sarada Devi’s birthplace and relatives

1889 Jun 26 – July 4 – Shimultala: Arrived by train and stayed with a relative

1889 End of Dec – Arrived by train and stayed with Purna Babu in Deoghar

1889 – 1890 (Dec – Jan) – December: Reached Allahabad by train and stayed with Govinda

January: Stayed with Chandra Basu(Allahabad)

1890 Jan 22 – Early Apr- In Ghazipur

1890 Early Apr – around Apr 20 – Stayed with Pramadadas Mitra

Balaram Bose passed away on May 13(Varnasi)

Surendra Mitra died on May 25

1890 early Aug – In Bhagalpur

1890 Aug – Deoghar: Arrived by train

1890 Sep – Varnasi: Arrived by train. Host: Pramadadas Mitra

Ayodhya: Arrived by train

Nainital: Arrived by train / walk

Almora: Reached by walk. Stayed with Lala B. Shah

Karnaprayag: Reached by walk/coolie. Stayed with Govt. Doctor

Rudraprayag: Reached by walk/coolie Varnasi

1890 Early Oct – Srinagar: Reached by walk / coolie dandi. Lived in a hut on the Ganges.

Till Oct 10 – Tehri: Reached by walk. Lived on Bhiksha

Oct – Ganeshprayag: Lived in a hut on the Ganges. Reached by walk. Lived on Bhiksha.

1890 Oct 14 – Nov 5 Dehradun: Reached on horseback

1890 Nov 6-mid Nov Hrishikesh: Arrived by train / walk. Lived on Bhiksha. Lived in a hut on the Ganges.

1890 mid Nov – mid Feb 1891 Meerut: Arrived by train.

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