Stories By Swami – The Frog in the Well

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The Frog in the Well

(The Detroit Free Press, February 14, 1894)

The following story is one which he related recently regarding the practice of fault-finding among creeds:

“A frog lived in a well. It had lived there for a long time. It was born there and brought up there, and yet was a little, small frog. Of course the evolutionists were not there to tell us whether the frog lost its eyes or not, but, for our story’s sake, we must take it for granted that it had eyes, and that it every day cleansed the waters of all the worms and bacilli that lived in it, with an energy that would give credit to our modern bacteriologists. In this way it went on and became a little sleek and fat – perhaps as much so as myself. Well, one day another frog that lived in the sea, came and fell into the well.

“‘Whence are you from?’

“‘I am from the sea.’

“‘The sea? How big is that? Is it as big as my well?’ and he took a leap from one side of the well to the other.

“‘My friend,’ says the frog of the sea, ‘how do you compare the sea with your little well?’

“‘Then the frog took another leap and asked; ‘Is your sea so big?’

“‘What nonsense you speak to compare the sea with your well.’

“Well, then,’ said the frog of the well, ‘nothing can be bigger than my well; there can be nothing bigger than this; this fellow is a liar, so turn him out.’

“That has been the difficulty all the while.

“I am a Hindu. I am sitting in my own little well, and thinking that the world is my well. The Christian sits in his little well and the whole world is his well. The Mohammedan sits in his well and thinks the whole world that. I have to thank you of America for the great attempt you are making to break down the barriers of this little world of ours, and hope that, in the future, the Lord will help you to accomplish that purpose.”

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