Stories By Swami – The Mohammedan ;the Girl in the Garden

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The Mohammedan & the Girl in the Garden

From a class on BHAKTI YOGA, Jan. 20th, 1896.

A certain Mohammedan was praying in a garden. They are very regular in their prayers. When the time comes, wherever they are they just begin, fall down on the ground and get up and fall down, and so on. One of them was in a garden when the call
for prayer came, so he knelt there, prostrate on the ground to pray.

A girl was waiting in the garden for her lover, and saw him on the other side, and in her hurry to reach him did not see the man prostrate, and walked over him. He was a fanatical Mohammedan, just what you call here a Presbyterian, the same breed. Both believe in barbecuing eternally. So you can just imagine the anger of this Mohammedan when his body was walked over. He wanted to kill the girl.

The girl was a smart one, and she said “Stop that nonsense; you are a fool and a hypocrite”.

“What! I am a hypocrite?”

“Yes, I am going to meet my earthly lover and I did not see you there, and you are going to meet your heavenly lover and should not know that a girl was passing over your body”.

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