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Everyday we renew our determination to be unattached.(II. 6)

The test of his (Sri Ramakrishna’s) grace is—unattachment to lust or wealth. (VII. 263)


If I am unhappy, it has been of my own making, and that very thing shows that I can be happy if I will. (III. 125)

Unhappiness is the fate of those who are content to live in this world, born as they are. (II. 111)


In the heart of things there is Unity still. (II. 153)

To realize this unity is the end and aim of all meditation,and this is what Yajnavalkya was trying to explain to Maitreyi. (II. 422)

Unity is the only thing that exists. (I. 432)

All reasoning ends only in finding Unity; so we first use analysis, then synthesis. (VIII. 12)

Unity is behind all. (V. 192)

Perfect unity is reached when man says, ‘I and my Father are one’. (VI. 136)

Unity in variety is the plan of the universe. (II. 381)

All is Perfect Union and Perfect Bliss. (II. 154)

All variations are in One. (VIII. 6)

He who says he is different from others, even by a hair’s breadth, immediately becomes miserable. (I. 374)

There is, therefore; but one Atman, one Self, eternally pure,eternally perfect, unchangeable, unchanged. (II. 275)

All substances in the last analysis are one. (VI. 126)

It is one body, one mind, one soul throughout. (VIII. 129)

Love, Lover and the Beloved are really one. (VIII. 258)

Happiness belongs to him who knows this oneness, who knows he is one with this universe. (I. 374)

If you go deep enough, all will be seen as only variations of the One. (II. 153)

Everything in the universe is that One, appearing in various forms. (II. 461)

It is the one existence appearing in all these variations.(IV. 233)

Unity in variety is the plan of creation. (I. 41)

‘Look not to variety,’ says the Vedantist, ‘go Backto unity.’ (I. 432)

Unity in variety is the plan of creation, individuality in universality. (VI. 114)

When a perfect unity is reached, that science has nothing more of principles to tell us. (VI. 10)

The end and aim of all science is to find the unity, the One out of which the manifold is being manufactured,that One existing as many. (I. 133)

He has not been divided, but only appears to be divided. (III. 8)

The difference between our lives is not in kind. (II. 297)

It is that One, manifesting Himself as many. (II. 304)

There is really no difference between matter, mind, and spirit. (V. 272)

Call it (unity) God, Love, Spirit, Allah, Jehovah—it is the same unity that animates all life from the lowest animal to the noblest man. (V. 192)

As manifested beings we appear separate, but as a reality we are one. (V. 257)

In the Absolute there is neither time, space, nor causation;It is all one. (II. 132)

All will meet at the centre. (VIII. 38)

A straight line, infinitely projected, must end in a circle. (I. 196)

That one is appearing in these various forms, and all these various forms give rise to the relation of cause and effect. (II. 345)

This manifoldness is like a dream. (II. 303)

The ideal cannot be finite. (II. 350)

There is this oneness, this solidarity of the whole universe. (II. 415)

There is only one life and one world, and this one life and one world is appearing to us as manifold.(II. 303)

Everywhere we are one. (II. 466)

Whatever exists is you. You are the Infinite. (II. 462)

Oneness includes all animals. (II. 297)

Oneness is the secret of everything. (II. 299)

We believe that we are He. (II. 502)

Whatever exists is One. (II. 345)

Whatever is, is One. (II. 16)

There is but One. (VII. 96)

Everything is that One, the difference is in degree and not in kind. (II. 297)

There is a oneness behind all creation. (V. 202)

‘One without a second’ can have no second. (VIII. 7)

Oneness alone is love and fearlessness; separation leads us to hatred and fear. (VIII. 24)

There is only one Individual, and each of us is That.(VIII. 24)

I am not that little man or little woman cut off from all else; I am the one universal existence. (VIII. 138)

There is but One, seen by the ignorant as matter, by the wise as God. (VIII. 429)

There is only one Power, whether manifesting as evil or good. (VII. 22)

Unity is the object of religion. (VII. 427)

There are not two things. (I. 504)

The highest creed is Oneness. (I. 341)

The whole of our lives is one; we are one, even in thought.(I. 373)

We are absolutely one; we are physically one, we are mentally one, and as spirit, it goes without saying,that we are one, if we believe in spirit at all. (I. 373)

In injuring another, I am injuring myself; in loving another, I am loving myself. (I. 364)

All this indeed is He : He is in the universe : He is the universe Himself. (I. 374)

Whatever be the name, they are all worshipping God. (VI. 50)

It is all He ! In the tiger and in Iamb, in the saint and sinner all He ! (VI. 303)

We are the children of the Almighty, we are sparks of the infinite, divine fire. (III. 376)

All are His children, His body, His manifestation. (III. 82)

All that is real in me is He; all that is real in Him is I. (I. 323)

That which is in every atom, everywhere present, the essence of all things, the God of this universe—know that thou art He, know that thou art free. (VI. 27)

We and He are one. (III. 129)

We are Brahman, we are immortal knowledge beyond the senses, we are Bliss Absolute. (VIII. 35)

We are He. (III. 129)

All this which we see around us is the outcome of that consciousness of the divine. (I. 388)

There is one Self, not many. That one Self shines in various forms. (VIII. 100)

All is Brahman. (VII. 34)

All is my Self. (VII. 61)

In every being He lives, through all minds He thinks. (I. 341)

That soul is strong that has become one with the Lord;none else is strong. (I. 381)

The reality of the external world and the reality of the internal world are one and the same. (I. 419)

He is the one existence. (IV. 237)

The one runs through all this seeming variety. (IV. 233)

Wherever there is love, wherever there is a spark of joy,know that to be a spark of His presence because He is joy, blessedness, and love itself. (IV. 129)

Everything that is joyful in this life is but a particle of that real joy. (II. 167)

I in Thee and Thou in me. (VIII. 345)

There is but one Being which the ignorant call the world. (III. 21)

There are neither three nor two in the universe; it is all one. (III. 21)

Take away the form and shape, and you and I are all one. (III. 347)

There is but one Soul throughout the universe, all is but One Existence. (III. 188)

As soon as we come to know each other, love comes, must come, for are we not one? (III. 241)

From the lowest worm that crawls under our feet to the noblest and greatest saints, all have this infinite power,infinite purity, and infinite everything. (III. 407)

We always perceive the one. (III. 21)

The whole world is one. (III. 446)

There is but one entity in the whole world. (III. 535)

The infinite oneness of the Soul is the eternal sanction of all morality. (III. 189)

This oneness is the rationale of all ethics and all spirituality. (III. 189)

There is but one life; one world, one existence. (II. 297)

In Him we are all one. (II. 381)

All minds are mine. (VIII. 129)

In me all me’s I have. (VIII. 164)

There is no difference between man and man essentially,all being alike divine. (I. 388)

We are all equal. (VIII. 18)

We are all brothers. (II. 164; VIII. 124)

Man is man’s brother because all men are one. (VIII. 101)

All are one, and to hurt one’s brother is to hurt one’s Self. (VIII. 238)

No one can separate himself from his brother. (VI. 83)

When you hurt anyone you hurt yourself, for you and your brother are one. (VI. 83)

In hurting anyone I am hurting myself, in loving anyone I am loving myself. (III. 129)

Not one can be happy until all are happy. (VI. 83)

Absolute non-differentiation is death. (I. 114)

We are that Infinite. (II. 402)

The Impersonal only can be Infinite. (II. 333)

It is impossible to divide infinity. (I. 402)

The omnipresent, the infinite, cannot be two. (II. 460)

There cannot be two infinites. (II. 431; III. 347)

There are no two in anything. (II. 297)

If you take away these two differences of name and form,the whole universe is one; there are no two, but one everywhere. (II. 249)

There is neither nature, nor God, nor the universe, only that one Infinite Existence. (II. 249)

Advaita will be the future religion of thinking humanity. (VIII. 348)

Advaita was the only way to save India from materialism. (II. 138)

This Advaita was never allowed to come to the people. (II. 138)

If man wants to be rational and religious at the same time, Advaita is the one system in the world for him. (III. 404)

Advaita is the basis of ethics. (V. 257)

The dry, abstract Advaita must become living—poetic—in everyday life. (V. 104)

Advaita had no antagonism with the various sects existing in India. (II. 141)

Advaitism is the last word of religion and thought.(VI. 415)

We must prove the truth of pure Advaitism in practical life. (VII. 162)

Advaita—the non-duality, the Oneness, the idea of the Impersonal God—is the only religion that can have any hold on any intellectual people. (II. 139)

Advaita has no quarrel. (II. 141)

When God is (sought) within, it is monism. (II. 463)

That which is qualityless must be one. (II. 461)

We are all born monists, we cannot help it. (III. 21)

Many a little makes a mickle. (VI. 426)

Every place is the temple of the Lord. (II. 318)

Nobody has rights; nobody separately exists. (II. 283)

If man’s life is immortal, so also is the animal’s. (II. 297)

His sun shines for the weak as well as for the strong. (II. 224)

The fire that burns the child also cooks the meal. (VI. 54)

Every particle seeking its own complement when it finds that it is at rest. (V. 426)

Each is great in his own place. (VII. 7)

We want to unite all the powers of goodness against all the powers of evil. (VI. 285)

The amoeba and I are the same. (II. 297)

All rivers flow into the ocean. (III. 97)

All radii lead to the centre. (VII. 98)

We are the Universal. (II. 419)

We are like little particles floating in one mass, and that mass is God. (II. 430)

One atom in this universe cannot move without dragging the whole world along with it. (III. 269)

Everyone is but a manifestation of that Impersonal.(III. 129)

We are like waves in the ocean; the wave is the ocean and yet not the ocean. (II. 398)

All things in the universe are of divine origin and deserve to be loved. (III. 92)

Equality is the sign of the free. (VIII. 18)

You are the all in all. (III. 9)

You are in all, and you are all. (III. 9)

You are the same whatever you do, and you cannot change your nature. (III. 161)

You are already that. (III. 16)

Every atom is trying to go and join itself to the next atom. (VI. 5)

It is only when one does not see another, does not feel another, when it is all one—then alone fear ceases,then alone death vanishes, then alone Samsara vanishes. (III. 417)


The whole idea of human life can be put into that one word, unselfishness. (I. 182)

Unselfishness is more paying, only people have not the patience to practise it. (I. 32)

Are you unselfish ? That is the question. (I. 93)

The goal of all nature is freedom, and freedom is to be attained only by perfect unselfishness; every thought,word, or deed that is unselfish takes us towards the goal, and, as such, is called moral. (I. 110)

All ethics, all human action and all human thought, hang upon this one idea of unselfishness. (I. 182)

The perfectly unselfish man is the most successful.(II. 45)

Every successful man must have behind him somewhere tremendous integrity, tremendous sincerity, and that is the cause of his signal success in life. He may not have been perfectly unselfish; yet he was tending towards it. If he had been perfectly unselfish, his would have been as great a success as that of the Buddha or of the Christ. The degree of unselfishness marks the degree of success everywhere.
(Notes from a lecture On Karma Yoga)


Freedom, physical freedom, mental freedom, and spiritual freedom are the watchwords of the Upanishads. (III. 238)

The path of the Upanishads is the pure path. (VI. 87)

The Upanishads are the great mine of strength. (III. 238)

There is no religion of fear in the Upanishads; it is one of Love and one of Knowledge. (III. 231)

The Upanishadic literature is the most wonderful painting of sublimity that the world has. (III. 234)

The first step in getting strength is to uphold the Upanishads, and believe—‘I am the Soul’, ‘Me the sword cannot cut; nor weapons pierce; me the fire cannot burn; me the air cannot dry; I am the Omnipotent, I am the Omniscient.’ (III. 244)


When one is thirsty, can one sit idle? (VII. 194)

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