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Quotes – O


Everyone wants to command, and no one wants to obey. (III. 134)

The first requisite for organization is obedience. (VI. 321)

The first thing needed is obedience. (VI. 322)


The object of life is to learn. (II. 502)


The manifesting word of God is Om. (I. 218)

Om represents the whole phenomena of soundproducing. (I. 219)

Om has become the one symbol for the religious aspiration of the vast majority of human beings. (I. 219)

His highest name is Om. (VII. 62)

To know the Om is to know the secret of the universe. (VIII. 3)


How can the omnipresent be born? (VI. 23)


We pass from this valley of life and death to that One, where death and life do not exist, and we know the Real and become the Real. (V. 250)

The real is one. It is the mind which makes it appear as many. (V. 273)

Neither I nor thou nor you—it is all He the Lord, all One. (VI. 371)

The more a man advances towards oneness, the more ideas of ‘I’ and ‘you’ subside. (VI. 474)


Opportunities will turn even a staunch moralist into a cheat. (VI. 349)


Not a work will be lost, no struggle vain, though hopes be blighted, powers gone. (IV. 390)


Ordinary mankind cannot understand anything that is subtle. Well has it been said that mobs would run after a lion that could kill a thousand lambs, and never for a moment think that it is death unto the lambs, although it may be a momentary triumph for the lion; because in that the mob finds the greatest manifestation of physical strength. Thus with the ordinary run of mankind, they understand and find pleasure in everything that is external.
(The Necessity of Religion – Jnana Yoga 1902 edition)


The Orient has been the cradle of the human race for ages, and all the vicissitudes of fortune are there— kingdoms succeeding kingdoms, empires succeeding empires, human power, glory, and wealth, all rolling down there: a Golgotha of power and learning. (IV. 143-44)


He who is overcautious about himself falls into dangers at every step. (VIII. 433)

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