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Quotes – J


Their country is their religion. The national cry is Dai Nippon , Banzai!. Live long, great Japan ! The country before and above everything else. No sacrifice is too great for maintaining the honour and integrity of the country.
(Reminiscences by Nagendra Nath Gupta)


That man is not humble or loving who is jealous.(VI. 145)

Jealousy is the root of all evil, and a most difficult thing to conquer. (IV. 6)

Jealousy is the bane of our race. (V. 99)

Jealousy is the bane of our national character. (IV. 359-60)

We cannot give up jealousy and rally together. That is our national sin ! (VI. 256)

Jealousy is the central vice of every enslaved race. (V. 56)

Jealousy is a terrible, horrible sin; it enters a man so mysteriously. (VI. 145)


He is Jivanmukta who can live in this world without being attached. (III. 10

It is all ‘here’. To live and move in god—even here, even in this body ! (VIII. 219)

JNANA (True Knowledge)

Jnâna (knowledge) is “creedlessness”; but that does not mean that it despises creeds. It only means that a stage above and beyond creeds has been gained.
(Notes from a lecture On Jnana Yoga)


We must not judge of higher things from a low standpoint.(III. 3)

Each man is to be judged by his own idea each race by its own standard and ideal, each custom of each country by its own reasoning and conditions. (V. 241)

In criticising another, we always foolishly take one especially brilliant point as the whole of our life and compare that with the dark ones in the life of another. Thus we make mistakes in judging individuals.
(Notes from a lecture On Bhakti Yoga)

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