Vivekananda Quotes – 4

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Quotes – 4


  • There is no other teacher but your own soul.


  • The greatest name man ever gave to God is Truth.
  • Truth does not pay homage to any society, modern or ancient. Society has to pay homage to truth, or die.
  • Truth never dreams.
  • By truth we attain fruits of work.
  • Through truth everything is attained. In truth everything is established.


  • Every successful man must have behind him somewhere tremendous integrity, tremendous sincerity, and that is the cause of his signal success in life. He may not have been perfectly unselfish; yet he was tending towards it. If he had been perfectly unselfish, his would have been as great a success as that of the Buddha or of the Christ. The degree of unselfishness marks the degree of success everywhere.

(Notes from a lecture On Karma Yoga)


  • It is always good to give a few strong strokes and rest on your oars.

(Letter to Sashi – March 1898)

  • He who in good action sees that there is something evil in it, and in the midst of evil sees that there is something good in it somewhere, has known the secret of work.
  • To work! In full speed, and with undaunted zeal.


  • India ! Forget not that the ideal of thy womanhood is Sita, Savitri, Damayanti.

(CW, IV, 479-80: Modern India ).

  • The women of India must grow and develop in the footprints of Sita, and that is the only way.

(CW, III, 256: Vivekananda’s lecture “The Sages of India” at Victoria Public Hall, Madras February 11, 1897).

  • Sita is the name in India for everything that is good, pure, and holy; everything that in women we call woman.

(Notes from a lecture Fragmentary notes on the Ramayana)


  • Please everyone without becoming a hypocrite or a coward.


  • This is the gist of all worship – to be pure and to do good to others.
  • Various sorts of worship we see in this world. The sick man is very worshipful to God. … There is the man who loses his fortune; he also prays very much — to get money. The highest worship is that of the man who loves God for God’s sake.

(From his lecture Krishna)

  • The only worship is love.


  • The best work is only done by alternate repose and work.

(Letter to Sashi – March 1898)


  • A mongoose is generally kept in a glass-case with a long chain attached to it, so that it may go about freely. When it scents danger as it wanders about, with one jump it goes into the glass-case. So is a Yogi in this world.

(Notes taken down in Madras 1892-93)

  • The strong, the well-knit, the young, the healthy, the daring alone are fit to be Yogis.

(Raja Yoga: Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. Chapter II – Concentration: Its practice)

  • To the Yogi everything is bliss.

(Raja Yoga: Patanjali’s Yoga Aphorisms. Chapter II – Concentration: Its practice)

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