Meditation – IT IS ALL IN FUN

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It is all play. Play! God Almighty plays. That is all. You are the almighty God playing. If you want to play on the side and take the part of a beggar, you are not to blame someone else for making that choice. You enjoy being the beggar. You know your real nature to be divine. You are the king and play you are a beggar. It is all fun. Know it and play. That is all there is to it. Then practise it. The whole universe is a vast play. All is good because all is tun.

When I was a child I was told by someone that God watches everything. I went to bed and looked up and expected the ceiling of the room to open. Nothing happened. Nobody is watching us except ourselves. No Lord except our own Self

Do not be miserable! Do not repent! What is done is done. If you bum yourself take the consequences.

Be sensible. We make mistakes; what of that?

That is all in fun. They go so crazy over their past sins, moaning and weeping and all that. Do not repent! After having done work, do not think of it. Go on! Stop not! Don’t look back! What will you gain by looking back?

He who knows that he is free is free; he who knows that he is bound is bound. What is the end and aim of life? None, because I know that I am the Infinite. If you are beggars, you can have aims. I have no aims, no want, no purpose. I come to your country, and lecture – just for fun. (II. 470-71)

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