Stories by Swami Vivekananda

Desire God and You Shall Have God

How Purity Can Never be Killed

The Pious Missionary

The Story of Savitri

Drop of Water Who Wept

Guru Nanak and the Mullah

The Princess and the Sanyasin

Devotee Who Worshipped a Bull

Two Tales of the Buddha

The dog's curly tail

Mohammedan & the Girl in the Garden

The Fanatical Worshipper of Shiva

The Stag That Knew Better

What We Think We Become

Young Sanyasin, the Woman & Vyadha

Story of Hanuman

Story of Vidyasagar

Never Forget the Ideal

Divine Love

Vedantist & Dualist

Hospitality in India

Judging the World

Man the Maker

Mercenaries in Religion

Thus I Love God

One Existence Appearing As Many

Story of Satyakama

Be brave and generous

Brahmin & Socarates

Man counting leaves

Story of Nachiketas


The Incomplete Story - Shiva's Demon

Most wonderful thing in World

The claims of religion

The Frog in the Well

Mankind delights in the fish smell

The Rope of Prana

Man who caught a Tartar

The ideal of a Universal Religion

The Beggar & The Emperor

The Mahabharata

The Knock at the Door

The Ramayana

The Real Nature of Man

The Story of Boy Gopala

The Story of Jada Bharata

The Story of Prahlada

The Women of India

Two Birds of Golden Plumage

Story of the bull

Mission to perform in life

The Sincere Courtiers

True Education

Lives of Saints

Go to Work, The Rest will come

Story of the bull