Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna WILLIAM DIGBY

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William Digby was the Editor in the Madras Times, an Anglo-Indian newspaper. In 1901 he wrote the book Prosperous India, which became a legend in the days of Indian Freedom Struggle. He became the Secretary of the British Committee of the Indian National Congress in England, and edited the Committee’s organ India (1890-98). It was due to Digby that Swami Vivekananda got an astonishing coverage in the Madras Times.Sympathetic to the Indian cause, William Digby of England was a severe critic of British colonialism and bleeding exploitation of Indian resources. His monumental work Prosperous British India was a pioneer work on Indian’s economic history under British rule.

During the last century the finest fruit of British intellectual eminence was, probably, to be found in Robert Browning and John Ruskin. Yet they are mere gropers in the dark compared with the uncultured and illiterate Ramakrishna of Bengal, who knowing naught of what we term ‘learning’, spoke as not other man of his age spoke, and revealed God to weary mortals.66

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