Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna WILL DURANT

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Durant, William James, known as Will, American historian, taught at Habor Temple School, New York city (1914-1927). After success of his Story of Philosophy (1926), he and his wife Ariel Durant, collaborated on 11-volume Story of Civilization series, comprising, Our Oriental Heritage (1935), The Life of Greece (1939), Caesar and Christ (1944), Age of Faith (1950), Renaissance (1953), Reformation (1957), Age of A Voltaire (1965), Rousseau and Revolution (1967, Pulitzer prize), Age of Napolean (1975); also wrote Dual Biography (1977).

[Ramakrishna] taught his followers [that] each [religion] is a way to God or a stage on the way adapted to the heart of the seeker. To be converted from one religion to another is foolishness; one need only continue on his own way, and reach to the essence of his own faith. [He said,] ‘All rivers flow to the ocean and let others flow too.’ He tolerated sympathetically the polytheism of the people, and accepted humbly the monism of the philosophers, but in his own living faith, God was a spirit incarnated in all men, and the only true worship of God was the loving service of mankind.

Many fine souls, rich and poor, Brahmana and pariah, chose him as guru and formed an order and mission in his name.65

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