Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna PRAMATHANATH TARKABHUSAN

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Professor Pramathanath Tarkabhusan was basically a Sanskrit Scholar. Later on he became a Professor in Indology. In 1858, he joined the Sanskrit College to teach Smrti. When Sanskrit was introduced in the Postgraduate classes at Calcutta University, he was associated with the department. After his retirement from Sanskrit College in 1922 he went to Benaras Hindu University. He wanted to reform some social codes for the Hindus and worked with Pandit Madan Mohan Malavya for the same course. In 1911 he was honoured with the title, Mahamahop adhy aya by the Govt. of India. And the D.Litt.(Honon’s Causa) degree was conferred upon him by the Benaras Hindu University. He authored several books : Karmayoga, Sanatan Hindu, Bahgalar Vaisnavdharma etc.

( 1 ) Through the earthly body of Sri Ramakrishna Bhagavan Sri Hari [Narayana] manifested His divinity in Bengal. …Sri Ramakrishna appeared in a time full of surprising incidents. …This period had witnessed the involvement of many talented personalities in developing and nurturing numerous new thoughts and the consequential conflicts as well. …Sri Ramakrishna has his advent among all such luminaries, and led an apparently easy worldly life of a priest devoid of wealth or education. And that exactly was his unique and amazing feat – ignoring all the limitations he could achieve his revered place among the Indian spiritual giants. …

… Sri Ramakrishna’s influence on the world could hardly have the extraordinary and everlasting impact without Vivekananda. And Narendranath Datta, in obverse, would never have become Swami Vivekananda without the compassion and adoration – unsolicited but abundant, from Sri Ramakrishna. …He gave his mantle to the Swami and through him inspired all pervading peace, harmony and spirituality around the civilized nations. It was he who did first realize how such massive benevolent work could have its fruitful end in the contemporary time, and awakened the required force within the enormously powerful and broad heart of the Swami. This in particular was the greatest aspect of the amazingly eventful life of Sri Ramakrishna.48

( 2 ) To know and realize Brahman – the atman taught in the Upanishads of India – is the highest goal of human life. This is the message of India. To teach this message to India in a new form adopted to the needs of times, and through India to human beings all over the World, who on account of ignorance have the misfortune to identify themselves with the body and suffer torment and worry, and thus lead them to freedom from all kinds of bondage, God appeared on earth as Paramahamsa Deva. My countless salutations to the holy feet of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, the visible symbol of the Lord, ushering in a synthesis of the religions of the world !49

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