Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna MUHAMMAD SAHIDULLAH

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Muhammad Sahidullah was an illustrious figure in the cultural domain of Bengal. Md. Sahidullah studied comparative Linguistics from the said University and later did his PhD in Linguistics from Paris University.Professor Sahidullah knew several languages and had a boundless love for his own mother language Bengali. He distinguished himself as a great authority on linguistics. He had written several books besides a good many highly acclaimed research papers and essays.
Professor Sahidullah taught at the University of Calcutta.

Religion creates dissension between people. Truth is one. Man interprets it in different ways. Real uniqueness lies in discovering unity in diversity. Sri Ramakrishna alone on earth practised all religions on himself. Then he arrived at a conclusion that all religions have a fundamental unified truth. It was Sri Ramakrishna who pronounced a death knell for all divisions in religion. Ramakrishna is indeed our saviour. The Hindus venerate Him as an incarnation of God. Whatever may be our ways of venerating Him, He ushered in a new epoch for the whole humanity.43

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