Reminiscences of Sri Ramakrishna JADUNATH SARKAR

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Sir Jadunath Sarkar was the founder of modern, scientific, historical scholarship in India based on archival and primary sources. He received many honours including the Knighthood in Britain as well as in India. Sarkar became the most famous historian of late Mughal India and an acknowledged master of Maratha history. He authored many volumes on Aurangzeb. He was the doyen of Indian historians in the 20th century. He acquired international recognition as a profound scholar and great writer on historical and other topics of national and international interest. His researches remind us of the great work by German historian Ranke.

During his [Ramakrishna’s] lifetime he had shown the way to Freedom to thousands of devotees. Everyone had recognized in him one who had really seen God. Amongst those who had seen him and recognized the manifestation of the Great Power in him are to be found not only Hindus but also Brahmos like Keshub Chandra Sen, and rationalists like Dr Mahendralal Sarkar. Whether we believe in an avatara or not, all of us recognize that light can be transmitted through the help of sparks of fire. It is many years since the earthly life of Paramahansa Deva came to an end. But the light that he brought to this world is still burning. Even today millions of people, men and women, rich and poor, scholars and the illiterate, the happy and the miserable, the high caste and the low, reading his life and hearing his teachings, have been able to tune their life to a higher key. His life has brought solace to many a heart afflicted with sorrow and has shown that the Kingdom of Heaven can be brought to this earth.31

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