Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi 10

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1. “Naren is of divine origin and full of purity from his infancy, and about whom the Master mentioned that he was a rishi, a great sage. . .. Though fully imbued with the spirit of renunciation and an all-embracing love, and immersed in the eternal joy of communion with the Infinite, he has been suffering for the good of others. … He gave his life blood to the service of others. … He was specially brought by the Master… for preaching his lofty ideals, for the eleveting of the masses and for the good of humanity.”

VK1963; 122

2. “He is in a class apart.”


3. “Naren was like an unsheathed sword. After his return from foreign lands he said, ‘By your grace, Mother, I didn’t have to cross the ocean by jumping in this age, but went to those parts in their own ships. And there, too, I noticed the glory of the Master. What a great number of good people have heard about him from me and accepted this idea with astonished eagerness.’ ”


4. After Swami Vivekananda’s first visit to the West, Holy Mother told him, “The Master is always with you. You have many more things to accomplish for the welfare of the world.”


5. Swamiji: “While I was alone in America I felt that the Divine Power which the Master called ‘Mother’ was guiding me.”
Mother: “The Master is not different from the one whom he called ‘Mother’. It was the Master who accomplished all this work through you. You are his chosen child and disciple. How dearly he loved you! He foretold that you would teach men.”


6. When Swamiji said that he wanted to form a permanent organization to preach the message of the Master, Holy Mother replied, “Do not worry. What you are doing now and what you will do in the future will be permanent. You are born just to accomplish this work. Thousands of people will hail you as a world teacher, a bestower of divine knowledge. I can assure you that the Master will fulfill your desire in no time. You will soon see that the work you want to undertake will be accomplished.”


7. “Alas, how much did I weep and pray to the Master for my children! That is why you find everywhere ashramas and monasteries through his blessings. After the passing away of the Master his disciples renounced the world, found temporary shelter and for a few days lived together. Then one by one they went out independently and began to roam hither and thither. That made me very sad. I prayed to the Master, saying, ‘O Lord, you have been embodied in human form, and you spent the period of your earthly existence with a few disciples. Now has everything ended with your passing away? In that case, what need was there for your embodiment entailing so much suffering? I have seen in Vrindavan and Banaras so many holy men living on alms and having the shade of trees for shelter. There is no lack of Sadhus of that type. I cannot bear to see my children, who have renounced all for your sake, wandering about for a morsel of food. It is my prayer, O Lord, that
those who give up the world for your sake may not suffer for want of simple food and coarse clothing. It is also my prayer that my children should live together, clinging to you and your teachings, and people afflicted with the sufferings of the world should come to them and get peace of mind by hearing from them your words. That is why you incarnated yourself in a human form. My mind becomes restless, seeing my children roam about here and there.’ After that Naren started doing all this.”

C354 & TN142

8. “Naren brought his own mother to the Math at the time of the Durga Puja. She roamed from one garden to another and picked chillies, egg-plants, etc. She felt a little proud, thinking that it was all due to her son, Naren. Naren came to her and said, ‘What are you doing there? Why do you not go and meet the Holy Mother? You are simply picking up these vegetables.
Maybe you are thinking that your son has done all this work. No, mother. You are mistaken. It is He who has done all this. Naren is nothing.’ Naren meant that the Math was founded through the grace of Sri Ramakrishna. What great devotion!”


9. Swami Vivekananda once wrote a letter from America urging the monks of the Ramakrishna Order to renounce everything in the service of God and man. When the Mother heard this, she said, “Naren is an instrument of the Master. It is the Master who writes through Naren about the future duties of his children and devotees for the good of the world. What he has written is all correct. You will see it bearing fruit in the course of time.”


10. A disciple told Mother that he could not practise meditation and prayer
regularly on account of his being busy with the duties of the ashrama. Mother said in reply, “Whose works are these? They all belong to Him.”


11.To a monk who wanted to go for Tapasya, Mother said, “Why so, my child? You are now doing my work. You are devoting yourself to the Master’s work. Are these in any way less spiritual than austerities? Why should you abandon these works?”


12. “What will you do day and night if you are not engaged in work? Can one practise meditation and Japa for twenty four hours? You referred to the Master. His case was different. Mathur used to supply him with proper diet. You are able to get your food because you are doing some work. Otherwise you would have to roam from door to door begging for a
morsel of food. Perhaps you would fall ill. Besides, where are people today to give alms to the Sadhus? Never pay any heed to such words. Things will go on as the Master directs. The Math will be run on these lines. Those who cannot adjust themselves will go away.”


13. When the Mother visited the Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service in Banaras and was asked what she thought of it she replied, “I saw the Master himself present there, and that is why this work goes on here. These are all his work.”


14. “To care for these homeless old ladies is to care for the Lord. What a fine work these boys (of the Ramakrishna Mission) have built up!”


15. “All this is His wish. … He knows

best how He is getting His plan executed and through what.”


16. “Love alone is the essential thing. Our organization is growing only through love. … They are my children and have taken shelter with Sri Ramakrishna. Wherever they go the Master will look after them.”


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