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Letters Sri Sarada Devi

Letters related to Sri Sarada Devi


Letter written by Sarada Devi ( originally in Bengali) To Mahendra Nath Gupta – on his publishing Kathamrita

Dear Child,
Whatever you had heard from him (Ramakrishna) is nothing but the truth. You need not feel any diffidence about it. At one time it was he who had placed those words with you. And it is now he who is bringing them to the light of the day according to the needs of the time. Know it for certain that unless these words are published, man will not have his consciousness awakened. All the words of his that you have with you everyone of them is true. One day when you read them out to me I felt as if it was he who was speaking.
21st Ashada, 1304,
(4th July, 1897)

Letters on Holy Mother By Swami Vivekananda

Letter written to Swami Shivananda from the United States in 1894

You need not send anything more in this country. As to money, I have determined first to build some place for Mother, (Holy Mother, Shri Sarada Devi.) for women require it first. . . . I can send nearly Rs. 7,000 for a place for Mother. If the place is first secured, then I do not care for anything else. I hope to be able to get Rs. 1,600 a year from this country even when I am gone. That sum I will make over to the support of the Women’s place, and then it will grow. I have written to you already to secure a place. . . . (in a letter sent from the United States, in 1894, recipient Swami Shivananda)

From a letter written to Swami Brahmananda, dated 4 October 1898

He who has no faith in him and no reverence for the Holy Mother will be a downright loser, I tell you plainly.

From a letter written to Swami Ramakrishnananda, March 1898, from Howrah

Shri (Holy) Mother is here, and the European and American ladies went the other day to see her, and what do you think, Mother ate with them even there! Is not that grand? (in a letter written to Swami Ramakrishnananda, March 1898, from Belur Math)

From a letter written to Swami Brahmananda, 20 May 1898

For the present buy a plot of ground for Ramlal in the name of Raghuvir (The family deity of Shri Ramakrishna’s birthpalce, Kamarpukur, Ramlal being his nephew.) after careful consideration. . . . Holy Mother will be the Sebâit (worshipper-in-charge); after her will come Ramlal, and Shibu will succeed them as Sebait; or make any other arrangement that seems best. You can, if you think it right, begin the construction of the building even now. For it is not good to live in a new house for the first one or two months, as it will be damp. . . . The anti-erosion wall can be completed afterwards. I am trying to raise money for the magazine. See that the sum of Rs. 1,200 which I gave for the magazine is kept only for that account.

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