Talks of Holy Mother 27: Recorded by an Anonymous Lady Devotee

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27: Recorded by an Anonymous Lady Devotee

One day I went to the Holy Mother’s house taking my son Haricharan, who was then in a deranged state of mind. Approaching the Mother, he began to address her contemptuously in the language used for inferiors, saying, “I am hungry, give me food”, etc. The Mother gave him some consecrated food to eat. While taking the food he began to throw the leavings here and there. Being annoyed at this, I remarked, “This is a shrine, and the boy is making a mess.” Immediately the Mother affectionately said, ‘”Let him eat the food. After he has finished, you remove the leavings.”

I asked the Mother, “Mother, what’s the matter with him? As soon as he sees a Brahmana or a cow he bows down.” The Mother remarked, “Compassion for living beings has dawned in him.”

On the Kojagari full moon day of one year, Haricharan and I fasted and went to the Udbodhan house for offering flowers at the Holy Mother’s feet. After the offering, we saluted her. Then, the Mother blessed Haricharan, saying, “May you have good fortune! May you live long!”

The Holy Mother said to me, “I find peace in meeting you all. But I feel sad when I see you, for you have lost your educated son who was maintaining you.”

One day I said to the Mother, “Mother, may I have devotion to the holy feet of the Master.” The Mother said, “By practising devotional disciplines you can gradually have it.” Whenever I visited the Mother in the morning hours, she would feed me with rice after Radhu’s noon-meal but before the offerings were made to the Master, saying, “Mourning for your dead son has dried up your heart. You shall take your meal early.” I would say, “Our family already suffers from want of food. Should I take my meal before the food has been offered to the Master?” At this the Mother would observe. “You will never suffer from want of food.”

One day the Mother said, “I have interviewed many a madcap to find out your lost son. I feel that your son is alive. Sarat (Swami Saradananda) too said that he is alive.”

When I asked the Mother if my son would return home, she said, “He will come.” After this, the Mother held a bundle of sticks in front of the picture of the Master. Many pieces of torn cloth were firmly wrapped around the sticks. She held the entire thing in front of the Master and said, “Please say correctly whether her son will return or not. If you do not, you will get involved in the sin of killing Brahmanas, women, and cows.” In the meantime the sticks within the wrappings had become loose and they rose up. As soon as Mother touched them, they dropped down. The Mother said, “Did you see what happened, my child? It showed that your son will return. You may try this yourself at home,” According to her instruction I performed the same ritual and it gave the same result.

One day I escorted my mother to the Holy Mother’s house with a new Sari for the Mother. I had asked someone to purchase a Sari, but he could not get a good quality cloth. In presenting the cloth to the Mother, I said, “Mother, this cloth is not good. It’s not to my liking.” The Mother immediately changed her Sari and eagerly put on the new one, saying, “Look, I have put on your Sari. Don’t feel sorry. I shall wear this Sari for bathing in the Ganges.”

One day I went to see her at Balaram Babu’s residence. On that occasion, I saw a person presenting the Mother with some money, saying, “Mother, a certain person is sick. Please see that he gets cured.” The Mother replied, “Take Backthis money. Whoever is born, dies one day. What can I do?” Some days later we heard that the sick man had expired.

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