Talks of Holy Mother 21: Recorded by an Anonymous Lady Devotee

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21: Recorded by an Anonymous Lady Devotee

After giving me spiritual initiation, the Holy Mother said, “Look, dear, I do not usually give initiation to a young widow. I have given it to you only because you are a noble soul. See that you do not betray me. A spiritual teacher has to suffer for the sins of his disciples. Always repeat the name of the Chosen Ideal like the ever-moving hand of a clock.”

Another time when I saw her before leaving for my father-in-law’s place, she said, “Don’t mix with other people, don’t get involved in others’ affairs. Say: ‘Dwell, O Mind, within yourself; enter no other’s home.’ The Master was fond of coconut balls. When you go Backhome, please prepare coconut balls and offer them to him. Increase your service to him as well as your Japa and meditation, and read books about the Master.”

One day the Mother and I were alone together; there was none else present. The Mother said, “Look here, don’t get too close and intimate with men. You should not do so even with your father or brother; what to speak then of other men?”

She instructed me not to visit frequently the Math or other places where monks lived. She used to say, “You see, you may no doubt be going there with a good heart and with deep devotion, but if your visit affects the minds of the monks, it would cause you harm.”

She asked me not to go on pilgrimage frequently or in the company of any and everyone. She told me, “Whenever you have some money in hand, feed some holy men.” Pointing towards a woman devotee who was sitting in front of us, the Mother said, “Here is someone who was sorely cheated on her pilgrimage. Going on pilgrimage means courting hazards on the way; be not taken too much with it. Staying in your own home, you can achieve more than you could by wandering. It all depends upon your aptitude.”

One day five women-devotees were criticizing another devotee. On hearing this, the Mother remarked, “You must have respect for her. It was she who brought you here first.”

I wanted to bring up a child of another family, and asked for the Mother’s permission. In reply she pointed to her own wretched condition in having to bring up Radhu and said, “Don’t try that by any means. Do your duty towards everyone, but don’t bear love towards anyone except God. Loving others brings much misery.”

Learning that I had received spiritual initiation from the Holy Mother, our family preceptor had cursed me. I informed the Holy Mother about this. She wrote in reply, “No curse can do any harm to one who has taken refuge in the Master. Be free from all fear.”

An old woman devotee told me one day, “There is no charm in the Math or other such places these days.” I reported it to the Mother who sat up startled and said, “If there is any true religion, it can be found only here and in the Math.”

One day Nalini-Didi and I were discussing the affairs of a woman devotee. We told the Mother, “We do not feel any kind of disrespect for her.” The Mother replied, “That’s because she calls upon the Master. To one who calls upon the Master, whoever or whatever that person be, none feels disrespect.”

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