Talks of Holy Mother 14: Recorded by Dr. Surendranath Roy

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14: Recorded by Dr. Surendranath Roy

One Sunday, out of a strong desire to see the Holy Mother, I started from my Calcutta residence at half-past two and arrived, profusely perspiring, at the Udbodhan house. On inquiry I learnt that the Mother had only just returned from some engagement outside, and that she would be meeting visitors only a little later. Feeling very impatient, I however, proceeded to go to her. Swami Saradananda, who was standing near the staircase, saw me going, and forbade me. Young as I then was, I immediately retorted, “Is she only your Mother?” and pushed him aside and went upstairs. I found the Mother fanning herself. After I bowed down at her feet she inquired about me and said, “How is it that you are perspiring?” I said, “I walked in the hot sun.” Taking the fan from her, I began to fan her.

After a while I asked the Mother, ”Where did you go today?” The Mother replied, “Kalighat.” Then she said, “Take some Prasad, and then I shall talk with you.” After taking the Prasad, I asked her, ”Mother, what is the difference between man in his real nature and a god?”

Mother: It is man who becomes a god. Everything is possible if one does work properly.

Disciple: What kind of work?

Mother: Observing the rules and injunctions prescribed by the Master, if one calls upon one’s Chosen Ideal with steadfastness, one achieves everything.

On this day I could not talk with the Mother any longer; for one or two women devotees came. I saluted the Mother. As I was taking leave of her, I said, ”Mother, I have done a great wrong today. While climbing the stairs I pushed Sarat Maharaj aside. How shall I face him again? Kindly pardon me.” The Mother said, “What wrong can children do? My sons are not such as to find fault with others. You need not worry about it.” Coming to the ground floor, I came across Sarat Maharaj. I bowed down to him and asked his forgiveness for the offence. Sarat Maharaj embraced me and said, placing his hand on my head, “One should have such yearning, indeed!” Then he added, “None will obstruct you henceforth.” I welcomed his blessings. But after this incident, whenever he saw me he used to laugh heartily.

On another Sunday when I went to see the Holy Mother, I found that some devotees had already arrived and that others were coming. As I made Pranam to the Mother, she said, “Sit for a while.” She gave me some Prasad which I began to eat. Then I said to her, ”Mother, I don’t find a day when I can disclose to you everything that’s in my mind.”

Mother: I have to attend to the problems of all my children. But you may ask one or two questions. I shall answer them.

Disciple: Mother, there are very poor people who cannot afford to travel to Varanasi or any such holy place. How can they gain the merit which others visiting those places obtain?

Mother: Why, they can gain the same merit by visiting Dakshineswar or Belur Math, provided they have such genuine faith! He for whom one visits Varanasi is present at Dakshineswar and Belur Math.

Disciple: Mother, what is the way for us?

Mother: Why do you fear? The Master himself will do everything for those who have received his blessings or have somehow come in contact with him.

After this I made Pranam to Mother; for I had to take leave. I shall now give a brief account of a conversation I had with her on some later occasion

Disciple: Mother, what procedure should we adopt for doing Japa and meditation?

Mother: Do them as you like, provided you keep your mind steadfast in the Lord. You will attain to your goal in this way. Why do you worry?

Disciple: Mother, I’m not worried, but I want to hear the instructions from your lips.

Mother: Everybody is behind you. The Master is there. And besides, you can see me directly.

Disciple: Mother, I was not fortunate enough to see Swamiji or Sri Ramakrishna.

Mother: Call on Him devotedly; you will attain everything. I say, you are blessed; for you have been born in such an age. This is the time when you can see His divine sport. One can easily understand this divine play if he looks upon it with faith and devotion.

Disciple: Mother, does everything happen and are a man’s aspirations fulfilled according to his own wish?

Mother: Only the noble desires are fulfilled.

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