Anectodes of Holy Mother – Superficiality of People’s Devotion

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6. Superficiality of People’s Devotion

Seeing many people enthusiastic in worshipping the Master but noticing also that they were doing so without real devotion and regard for him, the Mother used to say, “Now it has become very easy for people to worship the Master in his picture. Just offer Bhoga to him on a grand scale and then have the Prasada themselves. If the Master were really eating the Bhoga, we don’t know what they would be offering!” When the Master was on his sick bed, we know that there was some quarrel about the expenses. Sometimes the Mother would hint about her condition too. She would say, “Who cared for me at that time? I had only these mendicant sons who did not know where their next meal was to come from, or where they would find shelter in the night! Still it was they who did whatever was possible under the circumstances.”

It is very difficult for hard-headed, worldly-minded people to have depth and steadfastness in their devotion for God. Quoting the Master on this point, she would say, “The Master used to say that a worldly person is like a spring mattress. Sit on it. It goes down, but the moment you get up, it springs Backat once. The regard and devotion for God which worldly minded men entertain, is just like a drop of water on a hot plate – it evaporates in no time.” It is very difficult to call on God in an atmosphere of worldliness. That was why the Mother used to advise people to lessen as far as possible their worldly entanglements and then practise meditation and devotion. She used to be very much pained to find in some of her sons a great desire for enjoyment and an attraction for fine food and clothing. On account of unfulfilled desires in respect of these, a great dissatisfaction was present in their minds always. She sometimes gave them good advice, but seeing as she did their weakness within, in all vividness, she could only feel sorry for them and keep quiet. She knew that they would not be able to save themselves in their present condition and that unless they had enjoyments to their satisfaction, the capacity for renunciation would not be generated in them If perchance the talk arose of checking them, she would say with great sorrow, “They have great desires raging in their hearts. That is why they are acting like this.”

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