Anectodes of Holy Mother – Monastic Disciples mixing with Women

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7. How the Mother cautioned the Monastic Disciples from mixing with Women too much

If some son would express a desire to live near her at Jayrambati, she would say, “I live here with my daughters and women. So it is not convenient to have men here.” Those who had to live there for work, were not to come inside the house at any time and every time, or to mix too much with the womenfolk. She would even caution the boys about this directly. Even then if she found somebody frequenting the inside of the house too often, she would straightway tell him, “It is women who live here. They are often unmindful of covering their bodies properly when they are amongst themselves. So if a man comes in suddenly, they feel embarrassed. Please do not do it again.” A certain son, in spite of being cautioned by the Mother thus, did become familiar with the women and get into trouble. In later years, the Mother would remind her weak sons about this incident, and would ask them not to be very familiar even with the devoted women. To set an example, she would not allow them to be near her even, for too long a time.

If the Sadhus mixed too much with the householders, they might have the intensity of their renunciation weakened. So the less the Sadhus stayed with the householders even on the pretext of work, the better it was for them. The Mother tried to instil in the hearts of her Sannyasin sons the truth that the less they joined in the festivities of the
householders, or accepted invitations for feasts from them, or received presents from them, the better it was for themselves. That was why if. some of her sons did not accept invitations for feasts and festivals from the neighbours, including the Mamas, or did not partake of savouries brought by them, she would be not sorry but rather pleased with their conduct. A certain Brahmacharin, who had taken the ochre cloth from her, left it after some time. Before that happened, he had spent a long time in a family, leaving the Ashrama. Hearing about his having discarded the ochre cloth, the Mother became sorry for him and said, “Eating the food of the worldly people, his mind has been stained.” She always praised those who lived an austere life away from people attached to lust and greed.

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