Anectodes of Holy Mother – On Offerings and Subscriptions

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5. On Offerings and Subscriptions

When we think about the decisions the Mother took, and her far-sightedness, we are filled with limitless wonder. When Doctor Sajani Babu, a scion of the family of the Roys, the Zamindars of Jayrambati, expressed his desire to be initiated by the Mother, she at first refused him with sweet words. But on his still persisting with his request, she ultimately gave him the initiation. When at the end of it, he made his Pranam to the Mother and offered two rupees as Guru Dakshina at her feet, she persuaded him to take it back. To a son who was surprised at this action of the Mother, she said, “When he brings to us sometimes some produce of his garden, it is all right. But if I accept money from him, his people may start thinking that I have an eye on their property. They are Zamindars, worldly people, and that is why I accepted the money and then returned it to him.”

If I remember right, it was a Brahmacharin of an Ashrama in Garbeta or some place near about it, who had been out collecting money for the upkeep of the Ashrama there and came to Jayrambati in the course of his wanderings. The Mother, who was then staying there, received him kindly and looked after him with great care and love. She then sweetly asked him not to approach anybody in Jayrambati or the neighbouring villages for subscription, observing: “The people of these villages are poor. They somehow or other make both ends meet by dint of hard labour in their fields. So it is not right to collect any money from them If you approach them in the name of the Master, they will tell to themselves, ‘What a nuisance this
Master is?'” The Mother was always filled with uneasiness at the mention of ‘raising a subscription.’

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