Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s timely and wise Advice

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1. Instances of how the Mother gave timely and wise Advice

There was a class of people who, though proclaiming loudly in public that the Master and the Mother were verily the Supreme Being, and made a show of great devotion to them, still did not have any steadfast faith in what they proclaimed. The Mother was well aware of the existence of such pseudodevotees. For, though she was born and brought up in rural surroundings and was very simple and straightforward in nature without any touch of crookedness in her, still her farsightedness and her understanding of human nature in all its phases were unique. Nothing could be hidden from her. Even then her kindness and grace would be showered on these hapless and weak people in no small measure. For their good she would, at the proper time, give them the correct instructions and on special occasions, would even caution them. To those in whose hearts she found the desire for worldly enjoyment very strong, she would never prescribe the path of renunciation, remembering always that their main support in life was faith in, and devotion to God.

We have already mentioned about the remarks that the Mother had made when the devotees of Dacca proposed to raise a subscription. We would like to mention here some more of her thoughtful instructions and remarks on different occasions.

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