Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s last Illness

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85. The Mother’s last Illness

During her stay of the past few months at Jayrambati, frequent attacks of fever shattered her health and subjected her to very great suffering. After much persuasion, Sarat Maharaj was at last able to get her consent to take her over to Calcutta for expert treatment. Lodged at the Udbodhan House, the best possible arrangement for her medical treatment and nursing was made. The noted fever specialist Dr. P. D. Bose was called in to treat the Mother. On knowing who the patient was, the Doctor refused to accept any fee for his services. But in spite of all his best efforts, the condition of the Mother went on deteriorating.

Coming to know of the Mother’s fast declining health, many of her children from distant places started coming to Calcutta to see her. The number of visitors and enquirers was thus increasing phenomenally, and all measures had therefore to be taken to safeguard the Mother against their pressure. Visitors were no more allowed free access to her. The well-known devotees only could have her Darsan and speak a word or two with her. But none was allowed to make Pranams to her, touching her feet. The Sevakas and Sevikas were very alert in safeguarding her from undue intrusion. If any visitor from a distant place came with some special reason to meet the Mother, his case would be referred to revered Sarat Maharaj who, after due consideration, would give or refuse permission. Nevertheless the rules were relaxed when the Mother expressed her strong desire to meet some one or other.

Many of the sons of the Mother could not believe that the Mother would soon leave them orphaned. For, in spite of her illness, there were signs of absolute happiness and contentment in the Mother’s face, and her heart-bewitching voice had not in any way become feeble. But there were others, more observant, who felt that indications were adverse. They now found the Mother absolutely indifferent to the body. Besides, the dislike she developed for Radha Rani (Radhu), the kingpin of her life till now, was felt as an ominous sign by them Radhu, whose separation even for a day was formerly unbearable for her, had no charm for her now. When Radhu went near the Mother now, she would ask her to go away. She even suggested that she had better go Backto
Jayrambati. Even the tears of Radhu failed to evoke her sympathy. She openly declared one day, “I have taken away my mind from her. No more of this hereafter.”

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