Anectodes of Holy Mother – Transcendent Nature of the Mother

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79. The Transcendent Nature of the Mother

I never asked the Mother about her supernatural powers or her realisations in the plane beyond the senses, nor have I ever had any desire to know about them From my early childhood, hearing about the sweet loving devotion devoid of all grandeur as taught by the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, I had my mind moulded in that particular way. It was perhaps on account of this that such a curiosity never arose in me. Or it may be that the merciful Mother herself had arranged it that way. Nevertheless, she of her own accord would sometimes say, in the course of a conversation, words which led me to believe that the Mother naturally had the realm beyond the senses open before her and that she could keep her mind in any state of consciousness she liked. To her, there were no limitations of ‘this world or that’ or of ‘the gross, subtle or causal worlds’.

A certain devotee Sri Surendranath Sarkar of Ranchi once came to see the Holy Mother. Praising the good work of a son who was staying with the Mother, he said, “You all are certainly very fortunate in being near the Mother.” His words made me reflect: Were we really near the Mother? What was the meaning of the word ‘near’? For the life of me, I could not get at it. With all humility I said to Surendra Babu, “As far as I see, I find every one is ‘away’ from her, some to a greater extent and some to a lesser.” But there is a distance separating every one from her. What is the way to overcome this distance once for all? Unless one got the Mother in the innermost core of one’s heart, this

distance would always be there, no matter where one was. Those who were devoted, were always very close to her by virtue of their intrinsic devotion Consciousness of His supernatural powers keeps the Lord away from one while the feeling that He is one’s ‘very own’, brings Him close.

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