Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s Household

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8. A Glimpse into the Mother’s Household

The Mother was careful to instil in the mind of her children the idea that they were the children of the same mother and, as such, they were like brothers and sisters. Again, she would keep a strict watch to see that the men and the women devotees kept apart from each other, that they did not mix or converse together much. In that small house at Jayrambati, although they stayed and had their food together, she would see to it that the boys were always away from the women. Unless it was absolutely necessary, the boys were not to enter the inner rooms of the house or to talk with the women. She would herself call them for having a snack or for some other purpose, sit near them, feed them and talk with them on necessary matters, but even here, she would not allow them to stay near her for a long time saying, “When all is said and done, my dear, the form of this body is that of a woman.”

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