Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother receiving Service from the Son

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73. The Mother receiving Service from the Son

It was a winter evening. The Mother was resting after her noonday meal. A son was working in the dispensary in the outer courtyard, when suddenly the news came that the Mother was suffering from a severe stomach ache. He ran to the Mother and standing beside her bed, asked her how she was and what the various symptoms were, so that he could prescribe a Homoeopathic medicine for her. When the Mother told him the details, he quickly brought a medicine and gave it to her. But the Mother was not satisfied with this alone. In a pitiful tone she told him, “It is a severe pain, my child. I am suffering much. Please give me a light massage on my abdomen.” She said this with great insistence. What was to be done? Would it be right for him to sit on the Mother’s bed? For, otherwise it was not possible for him to do what the Mother was asking of him She was lying on her side, huddled up under the quilt, facing the wall. He remembered how, one day some time back, when he was going to sit in a hurry on an Asana which was handy, the Mother had called out to him, with much concern, “Please put that away, my child. I use it usually. You can use the other Asana over there.” Thus she made him sit on another Asana: for, it was not right to sit on the Guru’s Asana, and the Mother had been afraid lest harm should befall him from doing so. However, finding no other way out now, the son sat on the Mother’s bed and started stroking the Mother’s stomach lightly and telling her now and then a few words of consolation. Soon the pain subsided somewhat, and the girlish face of the Mother became suffused with joy and she breathed a sigh of relief. Then a hot-water bag was applied. The Mother soon fell asleep, and the son quietly went away. Finding the Mother sleeping soundly, all the inmates of the house were happy and felt relieved.

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