Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother and Swami Saradananda

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7. The Mother and Swami Saradananda

Although for the sake of propriety the Mother behaved with him with so much of formality, she did not however allow the innermost desire of her most favourite child, Sarat, unfulfilled. The saintly Swami did get, on several occasions, opportunities of offering his services, worship, devotion, love and affection to the Mother as both ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ and enjoy the sweetness thereof, to the fullest satisfaction of his heart. He thus got the reward of his uniqueTapasya(austere discipline) and devotional Sadhana (spiritual practice). Once the Mother was seriously ill with malaria at Koalpara. Due to an excess of bile, there was an unbearable burning sensation in her body. She grew extremely restless because of it. Swami Saradananda had sent Doctor Kanjilal and Swami Bhumananda as Sevakas (personal attendants) to look after her. But as there was no improvement in her condition by their treatment and nursing, he was very much upset and himself came to her. He found the ‘daughter’ extremely restless with a burning sensation. She was crying out, “Oh, I am burning! Make me cool!” The efforts of the Doctor and the Sevaka were of no avail. The loving ‘father’, standing beside the bed, was helplessly witnessing this heartrending scene of his beloved ‘daughter’ suffering so much!

The patient placed the palm of her hand on the ‘father’s’ body, and the coolness of that body lessened the burning sensation! Saying “Thank the Lord!” she heaved a sigh of relief. The father was filled with great joy. Encouraged, he took off his shirt and sat very near her. The Mother, either by the touch of the cool belly of her ‘son Ganesha’, or by the feel of the body of her ‘father, the cool Himalaya,’ got tremendous relief and the burning sensation disappeared. Both the ‘father’ and the ‘daughter’ were now at peace. Although on rare occasions like this, the ‘daughter’ made him enjoy the bliss of parental love, it was during her last illness, just before she was bringing to a close her mortal
Leela, that she allowed herself to be fed by her ‘father’ with his own hand, and thus fulfilled the innermost desire of his heart!

The Mother has shown her grace to some few of her devoted children by feeding them with her own hand, and again had also taken food like a daughter, from some others. The mind of Raja Maharaj (Swami Brahmananda), which was always in high spiritual moods and ever fond of roaming in the realm of the superconscious, would take on, in the presence of the Mother, the attitude of a very small child.

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