Anectodes of Holy Mother – Examples of the Mother’s Grace

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55. Other Examples of the Mother’s Grace

With regard to people who had previous initiation from their family Gurus, the Mother no doubt gave initiation again as in the above case, but she always impressed on such disciples that they should continue to respect their family Gurus, and give them the customary gifts that they were till then giving. The Mother always acted according to the rules and regulations of the society and had a great respect for scriptures and scriptural injunctions. She was always respectful in her behaviour towards the family preceptor and the Pandas who acted as priests and guides for the pilgrims. She would always offer to them their rightful gifts and the Pranamis (the offerings made when making Pranams).

I have heard from a son of the Holy Mother, who had obtained her special grace, that he was at first never keen to receive initiation from her. Another son of the Mother asked him to take initiation from the Mother and made arrangements for it, but he was satisfied with the Darsan of the Mother and would not seek initiation. But the Mother showered her grace on him, and soon after, there came a great change in his life. He gradually realized her greatness.

Consequently he gave up his worldly desires and ambitions, and taking the Mother to be the be-all and end-all of his life here and hereafter, made it his sole purpose to serve her and think of her incessantly. Whenever the Mother considered one deserving, she would automatically implant in him the seed of knowledge and devotion, and nurture it with her love and affection irrespective of any other consideration.

A certain young man became a Sadhu at an early age and joined an Ashrama, where he had to work very hard. Besides the difficulties of boarding and lodging, he had also to stand the ill-treatment of the Head of the Ashrama. When matters became unbearable, he left for Varanasi, and as he was devoted to Sri Ramakrishna, he made a detour to Kamarpukur and Jayrambati, which are holy places connected with the Great Master. At Jayrambati he got the Darsan of the Holy Mother whose unique love and affection melted the heart of the poor boy. With tears in his eyes he narrated the whole tale of his woes to the Mother, whose sympathetic heart fully responded to his prayer. Shedding tears of sympathy, the Mother assured him protection and afterwards initiated him He remained in the locality for a long time in the service of the Mother, being the recipient of her inexhaustible love and grace.

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