Anectodes of Holy Mother – Disciples initiated by The Mother

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51. Instances of Disciples initiated by The Mother: First Instance

A son of the Mother, a school master by profession, once came for her Darsan with a favourite student of his. The boy was very young, of good appearance and character, devoted and obedient. When he had the Darsan of the Mother, the boy prayed to her for initiation At the very first sight itself, the Mother was pleased with him So she agreed to his request and duly initiated him Because of his tender age, or may be for some other reason, the Mother addressed him after the initiation and said, “My child, I have now given you the ‘name’ with which you must practise Japam devotedly. When you are ready, you will get the ‘Bija’ later.” The devoted disciple did receive the ‘Bijamantra’ later on. Afterwards he received initiation into Brahmacharya and Sannyasa too. He then went to the Himalayas, where he could make his human birth fruitful by dint of his Sadhana and Bhajan (spiritual practices), and ultimately gain the Realm of the Mother for ever.

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