Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s Correspondence with Devotees

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49. More of The Mother’s Correspondence with Devotees

Many of her sons sent her remittances regularly every month, and some now and then, for her use. The respected Master Mahashay (‘M’), the recorder of the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, used to send her Rs. 10 every month, and some times even more. In the coupons of the money order forms, the devotees would often convey her their Pranams and matters that were very close to their hearts. The Mother, too, saw to it that proper replies were sent to them in time. What pleased the devotees most was to see the Mother’s thumb impression in the money order receipt in lieu of her signature. To them it looked that she was conveying her blessing through it. Once a small girl wrote a letter to her, and sent along with it a short poem composed by her in praise of the Mother. As the Mother was busy then, she could not reply to her soon. In the meantime the girl wrote to her another letter enquiring if the Mother had received her previous letter and the poem When this letter was read out to her, a smile crossed the Mother’s face and she said, “She wants a word of praise.” She got a reply sent to her at once, acknowledging the receipt of the poem, expressing her appreciation of it, and sending her blessings.

A certain devotee used to send to the Mother some money regularly. He would also come now and then to pay his respects to her personally, though he was staying at a place far away from Jayrambati. He used to spend money without stint for the Mother and her devotee sons. He had. however, a feeling that the job he was then holding did not fetch him an income sufficient to serve the Mother to his heart’s content. There was now the offer of a job with much higher income, but he had a hesitation to accept it. For, in his present
assignment he had the satisfaction, and the consequent peace of mind, of working under a very decent employer, but he was uncertain about this in respect of the new post he wanted to seek. So he wrote to the Mother for advice, and the Mother after some reflection, replied: “Through the

Master’s grace you are now able to manage your affairs with your present income. Why then court the risk of losing your peace of mind by seeking more income? So I think you should remain content with what you have.”

A certain disciple-son of hers wanted to follow the life of renunciation and did not want to marry. But his father was dead against this and was trying his best to tie him to the worldly life. In this situation, the young man wrote a pathetic letter to the Mother, which affected the Mother very much. With tears in her eyes, she began telling: “Just see how a father wants to strike at his own boy’s head with an axe! In what agony my son has written to me! ” In the reply she dictated, the Mother sent the boy her blessings and her assurance of protection. Through her grace the great threat that was overhanging the boy was removed. Gradually his father’s views underwent a change, and he became pleased with the boy and actually lent him a helping hand in the path of righteousness that he wanted to follow. And the boy, too, served his aged father in the last days of his life to the best of his capacity, and secured for himself his heart-felt love and blessings.

Once the Mother got a letter from an aged Brahmana, complaining about his boy who had taken initiation from the Mother. With great difficulty he had educated his son in the hope that he would be an earning member of the family, supporting his aged parents. But unfortunately the boy had left home and joined some Ashrama with the idea of becoming a Sannyasin. The shock of it had stricken down his mother permanently for life. The whole family was in a miserable condition. So the writer prayed to the Mother to give back his boy. The Mother listened to the letter in a mood of great sorrow and said, “Ah, how much the old man must be cursing me! And he is in the right! With what sacrifice and with what hopes he had brought up the boy! And now, he has suddenly run away!” The Mother had a letter written in reply, conveying her sympathy for the old Brahmana and offering him consolation She also informed him that she had no hand in the young man’s abandonment of his home He had done it of his own accord, without consulting her or even informing her. She knew nothing about his whereabouts also. She asked the father to pray intensely to the Lord and assured him that He would certainly protect them and remove their worries. Then the

Mother, addressing the son who was writing the letter for her said, “My child, why do these fools behave like this all of a sudden and thus bring sorrow and suffering to their parents and to themselves too? One should visit an Ashrama now and then keeping the company of the Sadhus for sometime, so that the parents get gradually used to it all and understand the temperament of their offspring. Then if he ultimately leaves them, it would not affect them much” This son of the Mother was at that time compelled to return home and stay with his parents. After some time, however, he could gradually win them over and get them to consent to his leaving the world. And as long as they were living, he kept himself in touch with them, and the sweet relationship that existed between them continued to the very end.

A particular son of hers had asked for blessings for the success of his enterprises. A long time back, this son had come to the Mother’s place and had got his initiation from her. After that he came once again to Jayrambati and stayed at the Mother’s feet for some days when he pleased the Mother very much by singing some songs of his own composition to her in a very appealing manner. He was trying to propagate the life and teachings of Sri Ramakrishna in various ways. It was for the success of this mission of his, that he now approached the Mother for her blessings. The Mother listened to the letter read out to her. Then she had the reply written to him, “May your object be fulfilled through the grace of the Master!” Then in the hearing of the son who had written the letter dictated by her, she said in a solemn tone, “By His will it will come to pass.”

A printed letter bearing the names of a few devotees had come to Jayrambati from the Ramakrishna Ashrama, Dacca. It was stated in it: “Arrangements are being made for the Mother’s visit to East Bengal.” When a son raised this topic before the Mother, she said that she knew nothing about it. Then she smiled and said, “They want probably to raise a subscription that way. Isn’t that so?” The wonder of it was that it was indeed an appeal for raising funds to defray the expenses for the Mother’s visit which they had programmed in anticipation of her consent. Seeing the insight of the Mother, the son was dumbfounded! The Mother said, “My child, some people are always busy with their fads, and try to raise a subscription for one reason or another. Just see the new craze that they have developed for the Master!”

Many a time the devotees would desire to take the Mother to their own parts of the country, and they would make arrangements for it too. But it was very difficult to have their wish fulfilled. If such a request were made to the

Mother, she would say, “What do I know, my son? It is always according to the Master’s wish It is for Him to put me where He wills.” If she was pestered too much, she would at the most say, “Ask Sarat.” As for Sarat Maharaj, he would never say anything about it. With what difficulties he had the Udbodhan House built, and how much he wished to keep the Mother there and serve her – even that was not fulfilled to his satisfaction!

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