Anectodes of Holy Mother – Example Two

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47. Example Two

When the new house was built for the Mother at Jayrambati the village Panchayat fixed a Chowkidari tax on it. The first year, when the Mother was not present there, the son who was looking after it, paid a sum of Rs. 4 as the annual tax. Next year the Mother was present. When they came to collect the tax, the Mother asked the son, who was there, to go and try to have the tax waived. She said, “Now that I am here, I may pay it somehow or other. But later on, the Sannyasin or the Brahmacharin who would be here, may have to live on alms. Where will he get the money to pay such a tax? So try to get tax exemption.” Accordingly the Mother had a letter sent to the President through the son in her name. As a result of this, although the tax had to be paid that year, they could get a promise that from the next year they would be exempted from it. The next year the Mother sent a son at the proper time and made sure that the exemption was sanctioned.

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