Anectodes of Holy Mother – Example One

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46. Example One

We have already stated that the Mother had advised a devotee, who was spending lots of money on procuring costly clothes for her, to conserve his resources and buy a paddy field which would fetch an income for the maintenance of Sadhus and devotees. A piece of land, adjacent to the house of the Mamas, the Mother’s brothers, and situated on the bank of Kolu Tank, was now available at a cost of a little above one hundred rupees. The devotee mentioned above sent the money for its purchase, but now the owner changed his mind and withdrew his offer to sell the land. So a few days later the Mother wrote to a ‘son’ who knew about the matter. “Well, my dear boy, the land could not be bought after all. If the money remains as cash with me, it will be spent. So I have sent it to Kedar at Koalpara to buy some paddy along with some money added from here, making it the round figure of two hundred rupees. Paddy is very cheap now. Money will become available whenever necessary by selling the paddy” Thus, since no land was available, the money was used to buy and store paddy. By the time the paddy was required for use, its price went up fourfold: However, through the grace of the Mother, some paddy lands have since been acquired for supplying the needs of the Sadhus and devotees at Jayrambati.

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