Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s Practical Wisdom

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45. The Mother’s Practical Wisdom: Examples

The Mother never tolerated her householder devotees developing indifference and disorderliness in the discharge of their worldly duties under the guise of spirituality. “The household is the Lord’s, and so, whatever duty He has entrusted one with should be discharged well, depending entirely upon Him” – this was her teaching to all, whether men or women. She further taught: “If sorrows and troubles assail you, call on the Master, and He will show you the way.” The Mother would be sorry for those who ran away from their duties. She would say, “Even the Master, who would not know whether his wearing cloth was on or off, had so many worries about me!” The Mother said that the Master used to think much about her welfare. Troubled by thoughts as to where she would stay, how she would manage to have her food and clothing, he would ask certain devotees, “Well, my dear sir, if one has six or seven hundred rupees, could a woman maintain herself in a village?” The Mother said, “For this purpose the Master had collected some money and given it to me.” One day he asked her, “Where have you kept the money?” On the Mother replying, “In the pot where I keep the condiments”, the Master was perturbed and asked, “Is it how money is to be kept?” It is said that about six hundred rupees were collected. The money was later deposited in the Zamindari account of Balaram Basu, and it fetched an interest of Rs. 6 per month for her. In speaking on these matters, the Mother would say smilingly, “Now see how much money is coming and is being used by His will!”

At Kamarpukur the Mother got the Master’s room as her legacy. The Master had advised her not to leave the room but maintain and keep it up. The Mother too did so with great care and saw to its proper repairs, etc., whenever necessary. In later days, when she could not stay there herself, she would ask her sons who wanted to visit Kamarpukur, to spend the nights there. Though a personification of renunciation and ever immersed in the Divine, her behaviour in conducting worldly affairs holds forth many lessons for others. Her whole life demonstrates that even a spiritual personage should perform his duties with seriousness and full attention. Just as one has to pray and worship with one-pointed mind, so should one perform his worldly duties with full attention, even while knowing fully well that the world and its affairs are transitory. He should shoulder his responsibilities and not create problems
for others.

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