Anectodes of Holy Mother – Receiving Worship

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43. Mother Receiving Worship

Though the Mother tried her best to lead the life of an ordinary village woman, her real form would sometimes be manifested and revealed to some fortunate few, who would have their heart’s desire fulfilled by witnessing in her the forms and attitudes of their respective ‘Ideals’. At the time of the marriage ofRadharani, known familiarly as Radhu, a certain devotee had worked very hard, practically forgetting his food and sleep. This great steadfastness and devotion of his had pleased the revered Sarat Maharaj very much. So the night after the marriage ceremony, when they were all resting and talking about the satisfactory conclusion of the function, the Maharaj praised this devotee for the wonderful service he had rendered and said, “If you can now collect 108 lotuses and offer them at the feet of the Mother, then this labour and service of yours will reach the acme of fulfilment.” The devotee took these words of the Maharaj seriously. He slipped away quietly from the spot, unknown to the others, and with great effort collected at that time of night 108 lotuses. He brought them to the Mother and expressed to her the desire of his. The benevolent Mother was very well disposed towards this loyal devotee of hers. She took her seat on a carpet and accepted this worship in the way he wanted to offer it! Her blessings made the object of his human birth fulfilled! Thus sometimes, on special occasions, she would accept the special worship of some fortunate devotees of hers. And sometimes, at the insistence of some son, she would break the rule she followed about her food. Double boiled rice agreed with her and so she always used it for her meals. At Jayrambati and at the Udbodhan, known also as the Mother’s house, they offer this kind of rice as offering even now. Brahmin widows do not take this rice usually.

After the Mother’s play as a human being on this earth came to an end, a temple has been built at her birth place and arrangements made for daily worship and food offering (Bhoga). On special occasions they offer special worship and Bhoga. One day the Chhota-Mami said to the worshipping monk of the Mother’s temple, “Maharaj, your worship and Bhoga are indeed fine. I like it very much. But then, why do you offer my ‘sister-in-law’ (the Holy Mother) fish? She was not taking it.”

The monk laughed and said, “Well, auntie, you saw her when she was living separate from the Master. But you never had the occasion to see what she took when she was with him Now she lives with the Master.” At this the aunt became thoughtful and went away silently.

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