Anectodes of Holy Mother – Feeding of Devotees

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41. Expressions of motherly Love: Feeding of Devotees

Her motherly love would transform even her aged sons into small children. They would forget their own age, learning and their mature understanding before her, and would actually behave like infants. The sight of revered Sarat

Maharaj (Swami Saradananda) frolicking like a child at the Mother’s house, brought the following thought to our mind: “Ah! Is this that Swami Saradananda of the Udbodhan. the Secretary of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, the one reputed to be sedate and majestic like the Himalayas!”

A certain young man, a disciple-son of hers, sustained a severe cut on the fingers of his right hand, and so was having difficulty in eating. Using a spoon with his left hand, he was somehow managing. Seeing this, the Mother’s heart melted and sitting next to him she actually fed him with her own hand. Thus that hefty young man got fed like a child for the next few days till his fingers became all right. He actually liked the experience he had.

There were two sons of the Mother, who were boyhood friends and very much attached to each other. This was well-known to the Mother. If perchance they got together at the Mother’s place, and if there were not many there at the time, she would seat them near her door and put a plate of edibles between them The Mother would stand there leaning against the door frame, watching the boys eating. As they ate, the Mother would put more helpings of this or that delicacy into the plate until they had eaten their fill. The young men, too, would completely forget themselves and feel like little children on being fed by the Mother.

One day the Mother had prepared Payasam, and these two disciple-sons were partaking of it from the same plate. As it was getting rather late for the noon meal, she offered the Payasam to the Master as the food offering, and quickly served the hot Payasam on a big plate for them The Mother was watching them consuming it, and talking with them at the same time. As the Payasam was still very hot, she went on serving it little by little. She felt that the sons were feeling shy and were not doing full justice to that delicious preparation. So she bent down, bringing her hand near the Payasam and asking them to consume it all. It looked as if she would otherwise put it into their mouths with her own hand. Then seeing the young men consuming it with great satisfaction, she became very happy, and said, “Yes, wipe the plate clean.”

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