Anectodes of Holy Mother – Mother’s Physical Features

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40. The Mother’s Physical Features

The Mother’s palms had a reddish tinge. So also the under surface of her feet were red like a land lotus. The thick mass of her locks was flowing, smooth and glistening black, with a tendency to become curly at the end. The prominent nose on her well-proportioned face was very attractive. Her serene gaze always showered compassion wherever it was cast. Her broad and shining forehead and cheerful countenance filled one with a sense of peace and joy. Her complexion was fair with a tinge of brown. It was bright in early days, but faded towards the end. She was long-limbed, her arms and legs being slightly longer than normal for her frame. She walked
slowly with a little lean towards the left.

Her unmarried uncle Iswar Chandra had brought up this niece of his as an infant with great love and care, carrying her often on his shoulders. In later days he (Iswar Chandra) used to feel very much concerned when the devotees prostrated before her, touching her feet with their foreheads. The Mother had by then developed rheumatic pain in her knees. That the pain in the leg of his ‘beloved doll’ might increase by their touch was his constant worry. When this uncle of hers breathed his last, the Mother was very much affected and lamented a great deal.

After this, when the number of her devotee-children increased the Mother
had to bear a great many of their importunities. Through the exuberance of their devotion they would roll their heads on the Mother’s feet, causing her much pain, and the Mother would ask them not to do so. Many would listen to her and would become careful, but there were some who, through their overflowing devotion, would pay no heed to her remonstrations. Having a human body, the Mother was a human being and accepted the prevalent customs. If some devotee wanted to offer at her feet leaves of Tulasi or Vilwa, she would be alarmed and would forbid him to do so. At the Udbodhan House, Golap-Ma used to keep a watchful eye, so that nobody pestered her. At

Jayrambati, too, her attendants had to be very careful. The Mother herself would sometimes caution them about it. Having taken a human body for the sake of Thy ignorant children, how much suffering, O Mother, hadst Thou to bear! If the Mother has not this forbearance, it would not have been possible to bring up so many of her children.

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