Anectodes of Holy Mother – Public Criticism

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33. Some Public Criticism of the Mother

The criticism against the Mother that “she snatches away others’ children” was often heard from the lips of this mad Mami and many others too. The Roys of Jibtey were rich landlords. The only son of a member of that family became perverted in character by association with undesirable companions in his youth. The father was very sorry for this and tried his best to correct him, but it was of no avail. One day when he lamented about it to one of his relations, the latter advised him to send the boy to the Mother at Jayrambati. The moment he heard of it, he became panicky and said, “I would rather set apart some of my property for him to squander and live in his own way than send him there!”

A disciple son of the Mother used to collect various articles required by her and bring them in heavy loads across a distance of over three miles. On the way he often used to meet a certain gentleman residing in a way-side village. One day when the boy was carrying a rather very heavy load, this gentleman saw him on the way, and bemoaning the fate of the young man, burst out, “How crazy this boy has become!” Reaching his destination, the boy placed the load before the Mother and displayed before her the various articles he had brought for her. The Mother was very much pleased, blessed him, and made

enquiries about his welfare. In the course of the conversation, the boy spoke to her about the disparaging remarks of the gentleman on the way, on seeing him carry a heavy load. The Mother’s face at once became grave and she said: “Men of this type are steeped in worldliness. They cannot understand and appreciate any kind of spiritual service. They never acquire love for the Lord. They come into the world, undergo all its sufferings, die, and are born again in new bodies to repeat the same kind of experiences ad infinitum. Only the Lord’s mercy can liberate them in some life at a distant future.” The boy listened to the Mother in utter astonishment.

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