Anectodes of Holy Mother – Instance at Chandra Babu

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14. The Mother’s unmotivated Love: Instance at Chandra Babu

The workers at the Udbodhan, the
attendants, maid servants, the cook etc., were all the children of the Mother and so shared her love equally. Many of them were causes of worry to the Mother. The late Chandra Mohan Dutta had been working at the Udbodhan. He had come to Calcutta in a destitute condition and had been roaming about the streets in search of work, when he finally managed to get a job at the Udbodhan. The pay was small and he had a fairly big family to maintain. They came from a village in East Bengal (now Bangladesh). Afflicted by poverty, they were somehow managing to pass their miserable days. Gradually

Chandramohan became a recipient of the love and blessings of the Holy Mother.

He used to do odd jobs for her, and she too, in turn, showed him great love and would feed him well with Prasada. By and by Chandra Babu’s condition improved, and he began to make an extra income by selling books at the Udbodhan Office. So his days were becoming happier, when news came that the flooded Padma had washed away their home and everything with it, that his family was in a dire condition, and that they were virtually in the street. Hearing this, Chandra Babu was aghast, not knowing what to do. He lost his appetite and sleep completely, and was on the point of becoming insane. When the Mother heard of this, she was very sorry for her son Chandra. She quickly collected three hundred rupees and called Chandra Babu to her for showering her love and compassion on him She gave him the money and asked him to go at once to his village and make some arrangement for his family. Blessed by the Mother thus, Chandra found a way out just when he was feeling himself lost. He went home, bought a new piece of land and settled his family there under a new roof. How many were the times when Chandra-Dada narrated to us this story of the Mother’s compassion, with his eyes brimming with tears, voice choked with emotion, and heart full of love and devotion for the Mother!

There was no end to such wonderful
events that used to take place at the Udbodhan. She created in the small house an atmosphere charged with the vibrations of her universal love which held together many of her children with varying temperaments. Verily, it is only the Mahamaya residing in the hearts of all that can accomplish this unique task. Who else but Thee, O Mother, can preside over the smooth running of this limitless Home of a universe, where no two things are exactly alike!

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