Anectodes of Holy Mother – Life at the Udbodhan House


13. The Mother’s Life at the Udbodhan House

The Udbodhan Office was really the Mother’s house. Everybody there was so eager to serve her. But the Mother really required so little service for herself. Rather, it was she who helped them so much in the performance of the daily round of duties. It was she who did the service and worship of The Master, distributed the Prasad to the inmates, and prepared the betel rolls. She loved to work and would say that if one stayed at a place without doing any work, then it would cease to be one’s own, and that to serve the Master and his devotees was a matter of great good fortune. Again, everyone of the inmates of the house had a claim on her. How many were the cases in which she had to mediate and pacify people by her love and compassion! Over and above all, she had to please Radhu. Besides, her other nieces, Nalini and Maku, the motherless daughters of the elder uncle, also stayed with her. They were brought up under the loving care of the Mother. Though now married, they still continued to stay on with the Mother, who therefore had to shoulder their responsibility too. But the greatest source of worry was Radhu and her mad mother. The Mother, however, made proper arrangements for everything with great patience. Golap-Ma and Yogin-Ma were elderly devotees who were there to serve the Mother. Even then, the Mother looked to their comforts. She was always careful that they were not put to the least inconvenience.

The Sannyasins and Brahmacharins of the Udbodhan House were of different natures; but all of them were the Mother’s children and so claimants to the same quantum of love. The Mother was equally worried about their food, clothing and comforts. I am reminded of an incident concerning this. The doctor Maharaj, Purnanandaji of the Udbodhan, could not come in time for his night meal on some days, and so had to bear the rebukes and pungent remarks of others. One night, when he was very late and was therefore reprimanded, the Mother quietly sent for him and very affectionately asked him the real cause of his being late. He broke down at this compassion, and with tears in his eyes, said that Raja Maharaj (Swami Brahmanandaji) had asked him to do every night ten thousand Japas, keeping a note of the counts; and if perchance there was a mistake, he should start counting again from the beginning, adding that if there was a mistake in the counting, then the fruit of it would be eaten up by a Rakshasa (a demon). Hearing of this ‘eating up by the Rakshasa’, the Mother burst into laughter and said lovingly, “My child, you are young and your mind is wavering. So, in order to keep it steady when counting your beads, Rakhal must have told you this. However that may be, I am asking you to come and have your meal as soon as the dinner bell rings, even though the counting is not completed, and then complete the counting at your convenience later. You won’t have to suffer in any way for this.” Getting this assurance from the Mother, he was free of fear and started joining the dinner at the proper time.