Anectodes of Holy Mother – Instructions of the Mother

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18. Some Instructions of the Mother

The Mother would mention the following incident in the Master’s life to teach the boys that one should not give up sympathy for others for the sake of one’s own selfish ends. The Master was one day returning home from the direction of the Bhuti canal at
Kamarpukur. It had rained. As a stream of water was pouring into the pond, a Magur fish was washed ashore, and it was now gasping for breath, being deposited on dry land. The Master, who was kindness and sympathy personified, was very much pained to see the suffering of the fish due to lack of water. He at once picked it up and put it back into the pond. Oh, how happy the fish was, getting Backinto the water! The Master, too, was filled with joy seeing it sporting in the water. Hriday was coming behind him. When he heard from the Master about this, he was very sorry and said to him, “Uncle, what did you do? How could you put such a fish, so delicious to eat, Backinto the pond?” The Master simply laughed at this remark. The thought of the satisfaction of his own palate never crossed his mind. He was happy in the happiness of the fish. One cannot make another happy, unless one gives up one’s own selfish enjoyments. The worth of a man’s life is to be measured by the extent of joy one has been able to give others – this was a teaching which she often imparted.

Now-a-days, when the Master’s name has come to be respected far and wide, there are many interested parties spreading stories of their close relationship with the Master and the Holy Mother. Such persons impose themselves and their stories on simple-minded devotees. The Mother knew very well about these tricksters, and warned her children against being exploited by them One day when a son paid a visit to Sihore and went to see the house of Hriday, a child-widow, proclaiming herself to be Hriday’s niece and an old man claiming to be his younger brother, narrated to him many old stories. On coming Backhe told all these to the Mother. She became grave and said, “Oh, I know nothing about them, my child! How many are the stories that people are circulating about him these days! I never heard of them before.” This happened a long time back. In these days, with the much wider spread of the life and teachings of the Master and the Mother, stories of this kind have become very common. Now-a-days (i.e. around 1966, the year of submission of these memoirs) the devotees who pay a visit to Kamarpukur and Jayrambati from outside, hear so may wonderful incidents, about which we had not the slightest inkling some forty or fifty years back. If such stories are spread as a new device to earn some money or do some shop-keeping, it is indeed a tragedy.

The Mother always taught her children that when they mixed with all and sundry in the broad world, they must particularly see that their faith in God and devotion to Him are kept intact, and that they keep the standard of renunciation and austerity that Sannyasins are to maintain. She discouraged them from having any close social relationship with the members of the Master’s family at Kamarpukur, or with those of her own paternal family at Jayrambati. So, those of her sons who stayed in these villages with her for varying lengths of time during her lifetime, did not then mix closely even with these people, though they showed them great reverence as the close relatives of the Master and the Mother. The Mother would always keep her renouncing sons away from worldly people or material influences. She always tried to wipe away from their hearts the sense of all relationship except that with God. Now-a-days, however, the worldly values are mixed with the Leela of the Lord. It is a practice that should be guarded against, as such dilution will lead to degeneration in future.

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