Anectodes of Holy Mother – Way of Life in the World

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17. The Mother’s Way of Life in the World

Though the Mother lived night and day amidst the various activities of her household and was as outwardly engrossed as any one of the other inmates in the works and responsibilities of the home, she would remain completely unattached in her heart. The household was, in her view, the Master’s. One had to remain in it playing the part he was allotted. Good and bad, joy and sorrow, came and passed off according to one’s Karma. Without getting disturbed in mind by thinking about them, one should keep one’s devotion to God steady and bear everything that came with patience. One should shake off the attachment for the worldly objects as the duck-chicks shake off the water from their bodies. These teachings were always conveyed by the Mother’s instructions, behaviour and actions.

The glories and grandeurs of the
world, the wealth and possessions that one enjoys, are all transitory – this minute they are, and the next one they may vanish. The prosperity that the Mother had seen at Kamarpukur during the first stage of her life there, had all disappeared later on. There was the family of the Yugis towards the north of the Master’s house in Kamarpukur. The Mother used to say about their condition in those days. “Oh, how many were the members of the family of the Yugis! But now see, everything is gone! And what about the wealth and property of the Lahas who lived towards the east! Their prosperity was indescribable – there was the guest house, the free feeding of the poor, the temple with its adjoining structures, the large number of men and women inhabiting the house, the performance of the various festivals in their temple etc. There was hardly a month when they had not at least one festival. And that pond at the Backof the house with its deep blue water! Ah! then think of the family of the Pines to the south! Where have they all gone now? It was a rich family with many members. But now everything is gone!” The Mother would mention these so that, realising the transitoriness of worldly possessions, her sons may be saved from their snares. If one can always keep in mind that such things vanish like a dream, one can develop detachment in one’s mind.

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