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Swami Abhedananda

Swami Abhedananda, a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, born in a fairly well-to-do family. His pre-monastic name was Kali Prasad Chandra. He had a great eagerness to learn yoga from his boyhood. He gained a good grounding in Sanskrit and English. At the age of 18, when he was studying for the school final examination, he went to Dakshineswar and met Sri Ramakrishna. Under the guidance of the Master, Kali practised meditation and was soon blessed with several visions.
Of all the contributions that Swami Abhedananda made to Ramakrishna Movement, the most widely appreciated and enduring one is his composition of sublime and beautiful hymns (in Sanskrit) on Sri Ramakrishna and Sri Sarada Devi. His hymn to Holy Mother beginning with Prakritim paramam abhayam varadam, which is sung in many ashramas and homes, is unrivalled in the depth of conception and felicity of expression.
Citing an analogy of Brahman and Maya, Sri Ramakrishna has said, “Rama walks in front, Sita in the middle and Lakshmana behind. Sita is the veiling Maya who screens off Lakshmana, the Jiva. If she stands slightly aside, Lakshmana can see Sri Ramachandra who is the indivisible Brahman.

She, who is Sita, she who is Sri Radha, she who is the Primordial Power Kali, she incarnated herself in this age in the form of Sri Sarada Devi. Prayer please the Mother Peaceful. She is Vidya-maya. By taking refuge in her one gets rid of the darkness of Avidya-maya. When the Mother is propitiated, Sri Ramakrishna, being pleased, showers his grace on the devotee.

The Holy Mother and Sri Ramakrishna used to mutually consider the other as Mother. When Sri Ramakrishna entered Mahasamadhi in the Cossipore garden-house, that heart-rending news was not communicated to the Mother on that very night. As I was the youngest among the inmate devotees of the Master, the Mother did not hesitate to talk with me freely. So it fell upon me to convey the news to her in the morning. On hearing the news the Mother cried out, ‘O Mother, where are you gone!’ I do not know whether any other example is available in the world of such supernatural and mysterious relationship between husband and wife.

…The Mother is Sarasvati Herself, the bestower of knowledge, she again is Mahamaya, the giver of liberation.

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