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Is our Mother an ordinary mother? For the good of the world, the Mother of the Universe embodied Herself to give liberation to souls…
On Sri Ramakrishna knew what the Mother was; and Swamiji understood her to a certain extent. Swamiji would sometimes even say: ‘The Holy Mother is greater than Sri Ramakrishna’, such was his great regard for the Mother. Sri Ramakrishna once said, ‘If the one who is residing at Nahabat (meaning the Holy Mother) is cross with one for some reason, it is beyond even my power to save him’…Mother, she was mother of all. Unbounded were her compassion and forgiveness, and wondrous her fortitude! Even our (meaning the direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna) understanding of the Mother is so meager! But she had graciously made us understand this that She is the Divine Mother Herself. One cannot understand her real nature unless she graciously makes one understand.
Have you read the life f the Holy Mother? She is the ideal of the entire womanhood of this age. Her life is very wonderful. She assumed this human body and lived like an ordinary housewife. But she was the Primordial Power Herself, the Mother of the Universe. Sri Ramakrishna incarnated himself in human form for establishing the yuga-dharma (the religion of the age). The Mother incarnated herself for fulfilling his mission. How can ordinary mortals understand her? In the beginning we ( meaning the disciples of Sri Ramakrishna) did not understand her in the least. She used to keep her divinity such a closed secret that one could not understand anything about her. Mother assumed this human body in order to awaken the entire womanhood of the world. Don’t you see, after her advent, what amazing awakening has set forth among the womanhood of the world? They are now resolved to build their lives in all-round gracefulness and to advance in all directions. Not much has been achieved yet. This is just the beginning. As in the Vedic and Pauranic ages there came the efflorescence of wonderful characters like Gargi, Maitreyi, Sita, Savitri et al, likewise in this age too there will arise even greater characters among charters among women. A very surprising awakening is swaying woman in the fields of spirituality, politics, science, literature, etc. And more awakening will come. This is the play of the Divine Power. Ordinary mortals cannot know the mystery of it all.

SOURCE: Sri Sarada Devi, the Great Wonder

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