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I repeat the Mother’s name as “Ma Anandamay’. Through the power of her
name one can attain everything- devotion, faith, intellect, wealth and opulence etc…. In the Chandi it is said She can great prosperity and success, and all that one desires. I derive more strength from the Mother’s name than from Sri Ramakrishna’s. Once Swamiji (Vivekananda) happened to be at the house of Balaram Babu. The Holy Mother too was there. Everyone was going to offer his salutations to the Mother. I was just sitting near Swamiji. Swamiji asked me to go and prostrate before the Mother. I went and did my salutations the ground with bent knees and head. I did not know that Swamiji had followed me. Seeing me saluting the Mother in that fashion he remonstrated, Is that the way of prostrating before the Mother?’ Saying this he threw himself full length on the ground at the feet of the Mother. Seeing that, I too at once followed suit. Mother is our very own. The mind is in external obedience before her.

You must look upon Sri Ramakrishna and the Mother with an eye of non-differentiation. Remember, one cannot realize the Mother without the grace of Sri Ramakrishna and vice versa. Sri Ramakrishna is as it were Narayana, and the Mother, Lakshmi. One has to ask for strength before the Mother. Without strength nothing can be achieved.

Look upon the Master and the Holy Mother as one and non-different. Always keep in mind that one cannot reach the Holy Mother without the grace of the Master and the Master without the grace of the Mother. The Master is as it were Lord Narayana, and the Holy Mother, the Goddess Lakshmi. Pray to Holy Mother for infinite power. Foe nothing worth the name can be achieved without Shakti.

The Master is indeed Rama and Krishna. And the Holy Mother is none other than Sita and Yogamaya. This time the Master’s advent on earth was in a disguised form.

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