Conversation Holy Mother II – Japa of pure devotee

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Conversation Holy Mother II – Japa of pure devotee Back

Japa of a pure-minded devotee

Mother:”(Excitedly) Why can’t one meditate if one has a pure mind ? Why should one not be able to see God ? When a pure soul performs Japa, he feels as if the holy Name bubbles up spontaneously from within himself. He does not make an effort to repeat the Name. One should practise Japa and meditation at regular times, giving up idleness. While living at Dakshineswar I used to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning and practise Japa and meditation. One day I felt a little indisposed and left the bed rather late. The next day I woke up still late through laziness. Gradually I found that I did not feel inclined to get up early at all. Then I said to myself, Ah, at last I have fallen a victim to idleness.’ Thereupon I began to force myself to get up early. Gradually I got back my former habit. In such matters one should keep up the practice with unyielding resolution.”

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