Conversation Holy Mother II – Why man does not see God ?

Conversation Holy Mother II – Why man does not see God ? Back

Why man does not see God?

It was about half past ten in the morning. A householder devotee arrived and saluted the Mother. “Mother,” said he, ” why do I not see the Master?” The Mother said, ” Continue to pray without losing your heart. Everything will happen in time. For how many cycles did the Munis and Rishis of old practise austerities to realize God, and do you believe you will attain to Him in a flash ? If not in this life, you will attain to Him in the next. If not in the next, it will be after that. Is it so easy to realize God ? But this time the Master has shown an easy path; therefore it will be possible for all to realize God.”

After the devotee left her, the Mother said, ” He is so deeply engrossed in worldliness. He is the father of scores of children and still he says, Why do I not see the Master ? ‘ Many women used to come to the Master. They would say to him, Why can’t we concentrate our mind upon God ? Why can’t we steady our mind ? ‘ and things like that. Sri Rama-krishna used to tell them, You still smell of the lying-in room. First get rid of that smell. Why are you so worried about God-realization now ? Everything will happen in course of time. In this life we have met. In the next we shall again meet and then you will attain to your goal.’ It is easy to see a person as long as he lives in the body. I am now living here, so one can see me by merely coming here. How few have the good fortune to see the Master now with physical eyes! Vijaya Goswami had seen the Master at Dacca. He felt his body. At that the Master said, That my soul goes out is not good ; perhaps this body will not last for many more days’

Can you tell me who has seen God ? He made Naren attain to God-realization. Suka, Vyasa and Siva are like big ants at the most; they had glimpses of Him. One may see a vision in dream, but to see God in a physical form is a matter of rare good fortune.